5 tips to naturally promote concentration in school

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le 07 Aug 2023

Sitting down to listen in class or do homework can be a constant challenge for many students, whether or not they are dealing with ADD. How can you help maximize their concentration throughout the day? Here are five tips to help them learn, naturally.


1. Take regular breaks to help clear their mind


Young people have a lot of energy, and the brain needs to rest from time to time to be able to absorb new information effectively. Whenever you feel like your child’s attention is declining, that means it’s time to take an active break!


Encourage them to move, run, play or practise the physical activity of their choice for 5–10 minutes. Having an active lifestyle in a learning context will help with their concentration and their development.


During these regenerative breaks, avoiding screens is essential as they are often more distracting than soothing. Always focus on a physical activity which will be way more beneficial when it’s time to go back to the books!


2. Make sure they stay hydrated for better focus


All our cells need water to function… and our neurons are no exception! In case of dehydration, intellectual and cognitive capacities can be significantly affected. Drinking a glass of water can then help you focus and stimulate your memory. A study conducted by the Universities of East London and Westminster showed that students who keep a bottle of water with them during exams see their results increase by almost 5%.


Don’t wait until you’re thirsty before drinking water! When you feel thirsty, it means that dehydration has already begun. Water will then no longer bring enough nutrients to your brain.


We often hear that the body needs the equivalent of eight glasses of water a day. However, the amount required may vary from person to person depending on their age, weight and lifestyle. It’s important to go to the bathroom regularly and to not wait until you’re thirsty!


3. Use soothing background music during homework


Music has many positive effects on concentration. It reduces stress and puts you in a good state of mind, but it can also activate memory! Indeed, the parts of the brain responsible for music, language and memory are all the same. This is why some songs bring back memories as soon as we hear them, for example.


However, not all genres of music are suitable for concentration; it’s important to choose well! During your child’s homework period, play soft, instrumental music at low volume, such as classical music, to avoid being disturbed by the lyrics.


If you find that music distracts them more than it helps, this technique might not be suitable. Be sure to provide a calm environment instead. If this is not possible, acoustic shells can also be a good option.


4. Promote calm to reduce stress and anxiety


Stress, anxiety, noises, sound, visual bursts and chatter are important sources of internal and external distraction that impair concentration. Which is why creating a calm and soothing bubble for your child is important. For example, dedicating a place in the house to do homework without toys or games makes it much easier for them to focus on their books!


5. Add homeopathy to their routine


By gently and safely stimulating the body, homeopathy can effectively help concentration.


Relieve restlessness and nervousness

Back to school and exams are examples of circumstances where students experience high levels of stress and anxiety. Our Kids 0–9 Calm Syrup helps relieve restlessness and nervousness and allows your children to manage their stress naturally. And less agitation means better focus!


A natural intellectual boost

Our caffeine-free Alfalfa Tonic naturally increases physical and intellectual resistance. A great ally to counter agitation and mental fatigue!


Optimize your mental faculties

Our Mental Alertness pellets are perfect for the whole family! Ideal for exam periods or when faced with work overload, they help with memory while accelerating mental faculties. A great ally to put your child on the path of academic success!


Each kid present their own challenges, and parents can help to cultivate their child’s abilities to focus. Understanding, memorizing and applying lessons learned are all essentials for academic success. Don’t hesitate to ask a professional to help guide you!


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