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If the arrival of spring reminds you of beautiful sunny days, pretty flowers and singing birds, it is also that time of typical spring ailments… Allergies, fatigue, disturbed sleep. This year you can count on Aromatherapy for a healthy spring!

Allergies, the nuisance of spring

In Quebec, 1 in 5 people suffer from allergies in the spring. Sinus congestion, runny nose, sneezing, tiredness… Each outing can quickly turn into a nightmare. Fortunately, natural solutions exist to relieve you!

In particular, you can use Organic Camomile Floral Water, an anti-inflammatory that will soothe your irritated skin by allergies.

In addition, True Lavender Essential Oil will also help relieve skin discomfort. To do this, simply mix the Essential Oil with a vegetable oil and apply it to irritated areas. Respect the dosages indicated to avoid any risk of skin reaction.

Here are some tips to limit and soothe spring allergies!

Embrace the change of season with Aromatherapy!

The arrival of spring and the transition to summer time is a delicate period for our organism. Indeed, these changes can disrupt our biological clock.  The results? Poor quality sleep, fatigue, lack of attention, irritability, stress… Here too, Aromatherapy is your product of choice:

To take advantage of the benefits of these three Essential Oils, we recommend using a diffuser for best results. A few minutes a day are enough to feel the effects.

Our smart tips: gradually advance bedtime, play sports, enjoy the sun, avoid coffee and other stimulants… Discover all our tips in this article!

Spring, the perfect time for a detox

Do you feel a little heavy and tired when spring comes around?  Rest assured you are not alone. We feel the little excesses and the sedentary lifestyle of winter… But again, nature offers us solutions thanks to Aromatherapy.

Lemon Essential Oil will quickly find its place in your natural pharmacy! It will definitely help you feel lighter thanks to its draining and digestive properties. To use it, dilute it in a vegetable oil then gently massage your belly with the mixture.

And to get back in shape and drive away the winter blues experience Bergamot & Lemongrass Mist! Lemongrass helps eliminate toxins. As for Bergamot, it is known for its antibacterial, anti-stress and soothing properties. To use this mist, nothing could be simpler; you just need to spray it in your home.

This spring, say goodbye to allergies, fatigue and toxins thanks to Aromatherapy!

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