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In October, 11 Canadian families agreed to test unique and natural remedies for their children: Homeocan Syrups for cough and cold symptoms.

After several days of testing, in a period where these small ailments are frequent, these families shared their opinions with us. Find out the 6 key ratings on these remedies, essential in your natural pharmacy.

4.1 on 5: The average rating assigned to the syrups

These Homeocan Syrups have been tested by families who do not necessarily use Homeopathy as a main remedy. However, they were won over and gave the products an average rating of 4.1 out of 5. It was a great success for these syrups that are especially designed for children.

8.7 on 10: Appealed by Canadian products

Families were asked to rate their interest in consuming Canadian products, on a scale of 0 to 10… And there is no question that consuming locally produced products are extremely important. The good news is that Homeocan Kids 0-9 Syrups are made in Canada!

71% of families find these syrups effective

71% of parents that tested these syrups defined them as “effective” to soothe symptoms frequently experience by children:  cough, cold, sore throat, fever, etc.

These remedies have in fact been formulated from natural medicinal ingredients, having proven themselves in the treatment of small everyday ailments.

More than 7 out of 10 parents find the price affordable

Another good point for these Homeocan children’s Syrups is the price.  At $8.51 per unit, these remedies are definitely essential products in your medicine cabinet.

71% of families would rebuy these syrups

More than 7 in 10 parents said they would buy Homeocan Syrups again for their little ones the next time their kids have coughs and colds. 

100% natural, without addiction or side effects, these remedies can be used alone or in addition to a conventional treatment at the onset of a cold! 

100% of parents would recommend Homeocan syrups to their loved ones

For whatever reason:  effectiveness of these remedies, their composition, their origin, their price or their great taste, 100% of the test families would recommend these syrups to their loved ones.

Les sirops pour enfants Homeocan ont définitivement su séduire les familles canadiennes, soucieuses du bien-être et de la santé de leurs bambins. Et vous, quand les testerez-vous ?

Homeocan children’s Syrups have definitely won over Canadian families, concerned about the well-being and health of their toddlers.  And you are you ready to test them?

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