The Aging of the skin: How to delay it naturally?

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le 06 Jul 2018

We’re always dreaming of keeping our skin in the state it was when we were 20 years old: smooth, and free of wrinkles, blemishes, or any other signs of aging. Unfortunately, our skin changes as we age! The aging of the skin is inevitable, thankfully, there are products which can help us delay its impact on our skin by keeping it youthful and beautiful for as long as possible. We’ll tell you more!

Understanding the aging of skin

The fibroblast cells in our body produce collagen which is the basic molecule that preserves our skin. With aging, the decrease in collagen production causes a loss of hydration and a thinning of the skin, which leads to the appearance of wrinkles.

Gradually, the capillary tissues of the skin become thicker and less effective. This reduces the skin’s ability to retain nutrients and water. As the skin’s quality decreases, there is a greater risk of developing stretch marks, brown spots and infections. Why? Because its ability to act as a barrier against bacteria and viruses is weakened. Throughout the course of life, the skin goes through 4 phases of collagen production:

External factors which accelerate skin aging

There are certain people who have their first wrinkle at 30, others have tight, supple skin at a very old age. In fact, the speed of our skin aging depends on many factors, for instance, genetics. There exist other factors which can expedite skin aging, the following are some of the main reasons we age at a higher rate:

Exposure to the sun
Being exposed to the sun for a long time, very frequently, or without protection has devastating effects on our skin! UV light can thicken and dry up the skin, as well as modify its pigmentation.

The toxins contained within tobacco accelerate the aging of the skin by lowering the rate of hyaluronic acid in the body.

Stress and pollution
When stressed or exposed to the polluted environment, the body produces free radicals which can destroy skin cells and slow their renewal, thereby accelerate the aging of skin.

For females, menopause induces a decrease in estrogen and progesterone levels which in turn lowers cellular renewal.

Silicon, an effective solution to delay the aging of skin

In order to delay skin aging, one must understand that it is necessary not to expose it to the sun without sunscreen, not smoke and to avoid stress and pollution as much as possible. In addition to these good habits, a product which can truly help you slow down the appearance of aging on your skin is silicium.

Silicon is an essential trace mineral to the body which promotes the production of collagen, and protects muscles, joints, hair, and also nails. By stimulating the production of collagen, this trace mineral helps hydrate, firm, and tone the skin. Thus, it is considered an irreplaceable ally which protects the skin by keeping it beautiful for as long as possible!

While silicon is found in our diets ( certain mineral water, tea, coffee, bananas, cereals, or even beer) our capacity to replenish its stock in the body diminishes as we age. In order to remedy this, we can rely on sources other than our diets: silicon.

BIOSIL is a silicon which is easily assimilated by the body, it acts directly on the elasticity and hydration of the skin and stimulates the natural production of collagen. This product allows the reduction of wrinkles and the betterment of the skin. It also strengthens the hair and nails. By taking one tablespoon twice daily, you will quickly start to see results, naturally!

In order to delay aging and to enjoy smooth, firm skin for the longest time possible, do not hesitate to integrate BIOSIL, the canadian collagen generator, to your daily routine!

*Reference: The American Journal of Pathology – A 2006 study on the decreased Collagen Production in Chronologically Aged Skin >

Did you like this article?

Did you like this article?


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