Seasonal allergies: how to prepare for the arrival of pollen?

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le 02 Mar 2023

While the change of seasons has a positive impact on our morale, it can also come with some inconveniences, such as a runny nose, sneezing, red eyes and tickling in the throat. As pollen is impossible to avoid completely, taking the right steps can limit its effects and symptoms.


Why does pollen make us sneeze?


Pollen is released by trees, flowers and various herbs, which is why allergies are more prevalent in warmer seasons due to the rise in temperatures. Pollen grains are not always visible to the naked eye, although some are noticeable by their yellowish colour.


These tiny particles are released into the air, where they are carried by the wind to different places. As a substance foreign to our body, when pollen comes into contact with our mucous membranes, it can trigger an immune system response. This phenomenon is commonly known as an allergy or hay fever, whose scientific name is seasonal rhinitis.


The Allergy Calendar


People with allergies are often not allergic to all pollen types. However, some people may experience allergic reactions from March all the way to October. Here are the most common pollens at different times of the year:

  • March to June: Tree and shrub pollen
  • May to October: grass pollen, such as grass, hay, bluegrass and bromegrass
  • July to October: ragweed pollen


Even though usually mild, when seasonal allergies cause fatigue, irritability and difficulty concentrating, then it’s time to act.


How to naturally relieve hay fever?


Pollen is present in the air and also on different surfaces. While it’s impossible to completely eliminate pollen from our daily life, natural solutions can help you prepare for allergy season.


All Allergies Tablets from Real Relief 

Effective in the event of an allergy attack, our All Allergies Tablets from the Real Relief line help relieve the most common symptoms of allergies such as sneezing, nasal congestion, throat irritation and watery eyes.


Hay Fever Combination Pellets

Our Hay Fever Combination Pellets also help relieve various symptoms of seasonal allergies. Its format makes it very convenient to carry with you, whether at the office or on holiday.


Sinus Plus Tablets from Real Relief

The Sinus Plus tablets from Real Relief specifically target sinus problems. Since seasonal allergies very often affect the nasal mucous membranes, sinusitis is a possible complication. The natural ingredients found in these tablets relieve congestion and any tingling sensation in the nose.


Pollen Plus by Homeocan 

Pollen Plus is a preventive treatment perfect to get you ready for allergy season. Without antihistamine, this remedy helps to stimulate the immune system. You can take it without worrying about falling asleep at work, as it doesn’t cause drowsiness.


All Allergies Oral Solution Kids 0–9

For young children, our All Allergies Oral Solution for Kids 0–9 is ideal to relieve allergy symptoms. In an easy-to-ingest liquid size, this remedy is dye and sugar free.


Good habits to adopt


To prevent seasonal allergies, adopting habits to reduce contact with pollen is key. Discover our 5 tips to help limit pollen exposure.


  • Avoid going outside between 7 a.m. and 1 p.m. This is the time of day when pollen concentration is highest. We also recommend checking the allergy forecast before going out.


  • Keep your windows closed. Use an air conditioning system that recycles ambient air or a pollen filter instead. Do the same when using the car.


  • Clean, clean, clean! Vacuuming, dusting and washing surfaces often reduces the amount of pollen in your home. Change your clothes and shower after going out.


  • Dry your clothes indoors. Even though it is tempting to let them dry outdoors in the spring, pollen can settle on your clothes.


  • Avoid mowing the lawn or picking up dry leaves. These activities cause pollen to disperse.


Allergens are a part of life, but simple steps are enough to reduce their undesirable effects. If you can’t find the relief you need with natural products, we always recommend consulting a health professional. There are other treatments that your doctor or pharmacist may recommend.

With all these natural solutions, you can enjoy spring without worrying about allergies!


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Did you like this article?

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