Living with anxiety: our natural remedies

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le 18 May 2021

It is sometimes difficult to calm our anxieties when they arise unexpectedly. The current state of public health can be anxiety-provoking and there is an increase in anxiety among the world’s population. There are many natural treatments to help you calm these symptoms in order to quickly regain a sense of serenity.

Natural remedies against anxiety: From Essential Oils…

Essential oils are a major ally in the fight against anxiety. Always remember to follow the dosage instructions on the packaging, in order to prevent irritation or overdose.

It is an excellent natural treatment against anxiety. It instantly calms and soothes the body and mind. To take advantage of its benefits, diffuse it in your room at the end of the day with an aromatic diffuser. It will help you to relieve stress and to sleep better. Mixed with a neutral vegetable oil (like jojoba oil) you can apply it locally on the wrists or on the solar plexus.

It has relaxing virtues to face stressful situations and calming for spasms. The sweetness of its scent soothes and brings comfort. It also relieves the symptoms of digestive discomfort. The Pure Essential Oil of Sweet Orange can be used with a diffuser, as well as in direct inhalation, bath and skin.

… to Gemmotherapy

Gemmotherapy, or bud medicine, is part of the family of phytotherapies that allows to prevent and treat different health problems with the use of plants.

The Tilia Tomentosa or Linden bud is an excellent drainer of the nervous system and body detoxifier. It also has a calming effect that reduces anxiety. It promotes and increases the duration of sleep, especially for children.

The Ficus Carica or fig bud acts on the digestive system by limiting heartburn. By promoting digestion, it has a soothing effect on the body. Thanks to its soothing properties, it acts in depth as a nervous balancer.

Homeopathy: natural remedies to manage anxiety…

Insomnia Passiflora drops from the Homeocan line help you to fall asleep quickly. This natural treatment helps to calm a state of nervousness that sometimes occurs more suddenly around bedtime. It helps to sleep and to spend a peaceful night. It is possible to repeat the intake during the night, if the need arises.

Thanks to a combination of natural homeopathic ingredients, they provide optimal relief from an emotional state of stress. They promote calmness and help reduce anxiety-related symptoms such as irritability, nervous tension and fatigue.

… just like Bach Flowers.

Well-known for soothing many ailments, the natural elixirs of Bach Flowers can help you calm your anxiety. The Quietude organic elixir is a natural treatment that will calm you down and naturally soothe your mind. You can also turn to the Organic Vervain Elixir which will help you ease a stressful moment.

Did you like this article?

Did you like this article?

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