Relieve stress and anxiety with homeopathy

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le 03 May 2023

If you ever experience stress or anxiety, know that you are not alone. About one in ten Canadians suffer from an anxiety disorder, and more young people than ever confirm experiencing stress in their daily lives. Fortunately, there are many solutions to improve our overall well-being during difficult times. 

Homeopathy is an effective and natural way to help reduce symptoms related to stress and anxiety.


The effects of stress on the human body


The human body is stressed when attacked by a physical, psychological or emotional agent. Stress is not always negative, for example when it triggers an adrenaline rush to help us respond to an emergency. However, chronic stress can weaken our physical and mental health. 


Under stress, our body secretes a hormone called cortisol. In the case of long-lasting stress, this hormone is released constantly which causes inflammation in our nervous system. High cortisol levels over a prolonged period of time can result in anxiety or depression. 


Symptoms of stress


There are physical, emotional, psychological and behavioral symptoms related to high levels of stress. Learning how to detect them can help prevent them from getting worse.

Physical symptoms include excessive sweating (including hands), tension, pain such as headaches, insomnia, digestive issues, tremors, dizziness and palpitations.

Emotional symptoms include irritability, restlessness, fatigue and sadness. The psychological aspect is characterized by anxiety, concentration problems and decision-making difficulties. 

Some may also experience behavioural symptoms, such as loss of appetite or increased relationship difficulties or even withdrawal, changes in sleeping habits and difficulty carrying out activities.


Symptoms of anxiety and depression 


Symptoms of anxiety include uncontrollable concerns, restlessness, irritability, muscle tension, dizziness, fatigue, difficulty sleeping and, sometimes, breathing.


When it comes to depression, the most common symptoms are sadness, loss of interest, change in appetite (often associated with weight changes), difficulty sleeping, lack of energy, focus and memory problems, social insecurities and a sense of helplessness.


If you notice some of these symptoms, it’s important to take care of yourself. In addition to medical and psychological treatments, incorporate natural homeopathic products and relaxation techniques into your routine.


Homeopathic remedies for anxiety


There are many natural treatments for stress. Some soothe anxious states while others help promote sleep. 


Calm anxiety and nervousness

Our D-Stress tablets from Real Relief promote calm and help reduce tension, anxiety as well as irritability. The tablets are suitable for children two years and older but also adults. Practical and quick they can be chewed or melted on the tongue. 

Bach Flowers Quietude elixir


Bach flowers, named after the doctor who created these remedies, can help calm anxiety. Our Quietud Compound Elixir  is a natural treatment that helps soothe your mind. Made with several Bach flowers, this remedy can help with self-esteem and letting things go, which will help restore tranquility in your daily life. Vervain elixir is also efficient in helping you calm down when confronted with pronounced stress. 


St.John’s wort allows you to relax, find sleep and calm nervousness. It’s also known for its antidepressant properties, in addition to relieving symptoms of anxiety and stress. 

Drops H72


Our homeopathic H72 stress drops are suitable for adults as well as children seven years or older. It helps soothe symptoms of stress such as mood swings, fatigue and irritability.


Sleep better

Difficulty falling asleep, waking up during the night and very early in the morning are all manifestations of insomnia. Our Passiflora Insomnia drops are perfect to help calm nervousness and facilitate sleep.

Tila tomentosa


Made with linden buds, our organic Tilia Tomentosa from the Gemmo Professional line has calming properties that help reduce anxiety. It also promotes better sleep and is especially effective with children. Our Ficus Carica (fig bud), also from the same line, acts on the digestive system to soothe our body and mind. 


Soothe anxiety with essential oils


These two essential oils are also a natural treatment to  help you manage stress. 

Our Essencia True Lavender essential oil instantly soothes and calms the body and mind. It also helps promote sleep.

huile essentiel de lavande

Huile essentielle pure de lavande


Our Essencia Sweet Orange essential oil has relaxing properties to help you cope with stressful situations. Its sweet comforting smell helps soothe and relieve muscle spasms as well as digestive discomfort. 


Natural ways to reduce stress


Beyond calming remedies, lifestyle changes are a good way to reduce the amount of stress in your day to day. Exercising and healthy eating are two key components of mental health. 


Practicing any type of physical activity for at least 150 minutes a week and relying on Canada’s Food Guide to prepare your meals is a good place to start. To help you overcome stress, yoga and meditation techniques are also great tools. 


Feeling anxious in certain situations is completely normal. However, an anxiety disorder refers to disproportionate distress and must be treated. When in doubt,  do not hesitate to consult a doctor. Homeopathy cannot replace medical treatment prescribed by a health professional. 


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Did you like this article?

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