Homeopathic Arnica, A Natural Remedy For Kids and Adults

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le 23 Jun 2019

It’s not surprising, for many of us, when we speak of small blows, muscular pains, bruises or scrapes, we often think of Arnica! Yes, it is the staple in the pharmacy kit to soothe the aftermath of our falls or aches quickly and most effectively. Because Arnica has active ingredients and many medicinal virtues, it is the essential remedy of the summer to treat small injuries naturally, for kids and grownups. Before delving into all of the health benefits of this plant, a brief explanation of the origins of Arnica, also known as Arnica Montana.

Arnica, tell us everything!

There are about 30 species of Arnica and today we are highlighting the most well known of the 30: Arnica Montana or Arnica mountains.

Belonging to the botanical family of Asteraceae, Arnica Montana, is a perennial herb that is found mainly in the mountainous regions of Europe: the slopes of the Pyrenees, northern Portugal and Italy, in Croatia and Moldova.

The ideal environment for this wildflower? An altitude between 800 and 2400 m, a sunny or semi-shaded area, a rich, non-calcareous and clay soil. The harvest of these beautiful golden yellow flowers takes place in May and June.

A victim due to its legendary efficacy in terms of its medicinal properties, and weakened by intensive agriculture and soil fertilization, Arnica Montana is now a threatened species. So to ensure its survival, it is essential to protect it.

Its health benefits and virtues

Arnica Montana holds a special place among medicinal plants and is one of the most well known in Homeopathy. In fact, its yellow flowers are harvested to make mother tinctures and decoctions for external uses.

Offered in various formats, Arnica is used internally in homeopathic preparations to treat hematomas and inflammations. As for its external uses, it is available in the form of massage oil, spray, cream or gel to treat pain articular and varicose veins. The active ingredients within the Arnica flowers, especially the lactones, prevent the accumulation of blood and prevent bruises and bumps from forming after trauma.

Arnica Montana is:
– antalgic anti-inflammatory properties
– analgesic action

– healing properties

It is known to soothe aches and muscle fatigue, to reduce joint pain and to limit venous disorders. This amazing plant is also beneficial for treating arthritis pain. No wonder Arnica is the flagship remedy for families and athletes.

Thus, if you are anticipating going on a vacation this summer, make sure to pack a little first aid kit for your travels. And if there is to be one homeopathic remedy in this kit, a product which does wonders for the entire family, then it should be Arnica.

Another health benefit: in the summer, mosquitoes and other little beasts return to haunt us. Arnica is effective when it comes to relieving insect stings and bites. As an ointment, Arnica helps relieve the pain and itchiness.  

The natural Arnica products for kids and adults

For the young ones

Given their passion for adventure, children are often the first users of Arnica. During the summer holiday, they are regularly prone to small injuries, bumps and bruises, thus, to avoid the pain and tears, parents must anticipate these little emergencies.

Our natural solution? The Homeopathic Arnica+ Pain Relief Cream (40g) of the Kids 0-9 line.

Why? Most kids are active and adventurous by nature, which unfortunately can bring about accidents. It helps relieve your kid’s minor injuries, bruises and other little traumas. Arnica+ is an effective unscented, non-greasy, homeopathic formula which does not stain. Given its small format and packaging, it is easily portable. This cream is the natural essential to have, whether it be at home, or on a trip with your children.

How does it work? It must be applied in a thin layer, 3x per day (or as many times as needed), on the painful area, followed by a soft massage.

For the grownups

Even adults aren’t immune to a nasty fall or trauma! Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, Arnica is capable of soothing certain aches, namely, muscular pains. But did you know that it is also highly effective as a preventative measure when it comes to significantly strenuous physical effort? Thus, this summer, before your workout or hiking session, apply this product to both tone and prepare your body and muscles for the upcoming physical effort. Furthermore, after the session, Arnica is ideal for combating muscular aches. It reduces cramps and pains, thereby preventing overworking your muscles.

Thus, the question is: will you go on vacation without Arnica? We believe it will become the natural essential in your emergency kit 🙂 This product is available in different formats depending on your preference. Here are the products suggested by Homeocan:

Our natural solution? The Homeopathic Arnica+ Pain Relief Cream (50g)

Why? We never want our pain to become an obstacle in the way of our physical activity! Arnica+ helps relieve painful minor injuries, bruises and other traumas. Arnica+ is highly practical as it is an effective unscented, non-greasy, homeopathic formula which does not stain. It is also vacation friendly due to its small format.

How does it work? This cream must be applied in a thin layer, 3x per day (or as many times as needed), on the painful area, followed by a soft massage.

Our natural solution? Arnica Organic Body Car Oil, from Essencia

Why? Arnica Organic Body Care Oil has been used for medicinal purposes since the 1500s. When applied to the skin it comes in handy for all kinds of bruises, aches or hematomas. Arnica oil can also be used to relieve areas of stiffness resulting from flying or long-distance driving.

How does it work? Can be used directly on the skin to get benefits from the properties of Vegetable Oil. Or can be used as a carrier oil, you can add 5-10 drops of Essential Oil to 100 ml of Vegetable Oil. Can be used in massage oil on the parts of the body concerned.

Our natural solution? The Homeopathic Arnica+ Pellets (4g)

Why? When it’s summertime and we want to enjoy the good weather, a chronic pain should never be a reason not to! These pellets are formulated for the symptomatic relief of minor bruises, strains, sprains, muscle pain and traumas. This product is also perfect for travel, slip it in your carry-on bag and get to moving!

How does it work? Let the pellets dissolve under the tongue 3 times a day or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.

Our natural solution? The Homeopathic Arnica Montana Pellets (multi)

Why? Pain can demotivate us from engaging in physical exercise; in order to avoid the discomfort we choose to be idle. This product, which addresses minor bruises and muscular pain, is the ideal solution to spur us back into action at the gym!

How does it work? Arnica Montana Pellets are available in 11 dilutions. You may choose to purchase the dilution which suits your symptoms depending on a prescription from your health practitioner.

Did you like this article?

Did you like this article?

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