Aromatherapy for a natural holiday season

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le 14 Dec 2022

What’s better than wishing your loved ones good health for the new year? Treating them (or yourself) to the gift of aromatherapy!

This holiday season we are going with natural gifts that are as pleasant to give as they are to receive!

What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the therapeutic approach of healing and taking care of yourself using essential oils. As their name suggests, they are the essence of a plant. They contain an infinite number of active molecules, giving them relaxing, stimulating, antiviral, antifungal, digestive and decongestant properties.

When selected and used properly, the benefits of essential oils are endless!

4 gift ideas with 100% pure & natural essential oils

Our Essencia Essential Oils are 100% pure and natural and can be used in multiple ways, such as compresses, in diffusers, as massage oil, and as ointment. No matter how you use them, their benefits are guaranteed! To share all the virtues of aromatherapy with your loved ones this holiday season, discover our selection of gift ideas perfect for everyone on your list.

1. Christmas Magic essential oils gift set trio

Ideal for anyone discovering aromatherapy or to add to their collection, our Christmas Magic Essential Oils set will make any room warm and cozy. These nostalgic holiday scents are filled with amazing benefits to carry you into the new year (and the colder weather)!

The Scotch Pine Pure Essential Oil relieves congestion of the respiratory tract and helps to say goodbye to colds, bronchitis or other winter ailments. With its very powerful anti-infectious properties, Cinnamon Pure Essential Oil acts against bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi. Perfect to use during meditation, Cedar Atlas Pure Essential Oil is relaxing but also a decongestant, making it a great ally against cellulite and water retention.

2. Winter essential oils gift set trio

Start the new year (and the winter season) on the right foot with these three essential oils! Thanks to their therapeutic virtues, you can enjoy the beautiful winter days worry free.

Our Eucalyptus Globulus Essential Oil is perfect to help relieve cold and cough symptoms with its stimulating and refreshing properties. The antibacterial virtues of Tea Tree Essential Oil are also ideal to help fight skin infections, such as acne and herpes labialis. Scotch pine essential oil also relieves congestion of the respiratory tract, in addition to being an expectorant.

3. Diffusers

What is the best way to enjoy the aromas of essential oils at the same time as their benefits? By using a diffuser! Here are some styles that will match your decor perfectly.

Our Natural Bamboo Diffuser will delight all those who want to make their home a place of relaxation and well-being! With this discreet and easy-to-use bamboo diffuser, you can enjoy the pleasant scents and benefits of essential oils in a relaxing atmosphere.

Our Semi-Bamboo Diffuser is our most popular! Creates a healthy scented atmosphere while enhancing your decor with its modern, sleek design. Truly the perfect diffuser to gift everyone on your list.

Adorable and playful, the small Panda-shaped Diffuser will surely melt the hearts of your little ones (and perhaps yours too). Place it in their bedroom or playroom so they can get the most out of aromatherapy!

4. Create your own gift set

Want to personalize your gift? Find the perfect essential oils that fit the needs of the person you want to spoil and create your own set. One fine Essencia Magic Christmas Fragrance with a Calming Massage Oil and that’s it, you have a perfect hostess gift!

Simple tips for a natural Christmas

Want your Christmas festivities to be in line with your environmental values? Here are some smart tips for a natural holiday season!

Choose a Christmas tree with a low environmental impact, grown locally and intended for this purpose. Even better, try out a modern wooden tree that can be reused for many years!

Choose low-energy lighting decorations, such as LEDs.

Use newsprint or recycled sheets to wrap your gifts. If you feel adventurous, you can also try out the Japanese “furoshiki” technique of gift wrapping with beautiful fabrics (it takes a bit of practice, but it’s totally worth it!).

Cook organic and/or local foods for your Christmas meals.

Create your own decorations: pine cones, salt dough, fruit… Use your imagination for a unique and eco-friendly home decor!

Recycle and reuse. After the holiday season, take the time to sort between what can be kept and what needs to be discarded.

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Did you like this article?

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