Bach Flowers: to naturally balance the emotions of our animals

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le 08 Apr 2019

Animals are living beings, who, like us, feel different emotions. The good news is that you can help them keep only the positive ones! In fact, Bach flowers are an excellent natural method to help manage and mitigate negative emotions.

Discover Bach flowers and their benefits

Maybe you thought of Bach flowers for humans? Think again, these natural remedies can also be used by our 4-legged companions! But before discovering how, a little reminder about these Bach flowers and their benefits…

Bach flowers are 38 wild grown flowers collected on uncultivated land, identified by Dr. Bach as having an impact on physical and psychological well-being. These 100% natural remedies are made by solarization or boiling of these flowers, to collect their essence in a floral water (or hydrolate). The different essences are then kept in alcohol and used alone or combined to create natural elixirs with multiple benefits.

Bach flowers are used to rebalance emotions for overall physical and psychological well-being. They help to eliminate tensions, overcome fears, fight stress, drive out dark thoughts or facilitate communication.

Anyone can use Bach flowers, be it children, adults or animals! To ensure the quality of your Bach flowers, check that the flowers used are of quality, organic and harvested wild and not cultivated. Also check that the production techniques developed by Dr. Bach are well respected, as is the case for the remedies of Elixirs & Co, the French brand that is known worldwide.

Use Bach flowers daily for the welfare of animals

Bach flowers are a precious help to restore the emotional balance in our four-legged companions (dog, cat and horse). Indeed, they too are affected by negative emotions that these 4 remedies will help to soothe…

  • Courage Elixir: if your pet seems to have phobias, such as fear of the vet, other animals or noises, this remedy is for him.
  • Quietude Elixir: this elixir soothes the stress that often occurs during a move, the arrival of a new animal or any change in the daily routine.
  • Harmony Elixir: your animal is aggressive towards other animals, or even towards humans? This remedy will help to ease those tensions.
  • Consolation Elixir: if your furry companion is sad or dejected, this elixir will allow him to regain his joie de vivre.

With these Bach flowers, your animals will quickly feel better, naturally and without side effects.

All these Elixirs & Co remedies are very simple to use: you just spray them regularly in the bowl of water, food or directly in the mouth of the animal. They are made in France and certified organic by ECOCERT, a pledge of essential quality.

And why not combine Bach flowers with homeopathy with HomeoVet?

These two therapeutic approaches are both based on alternative methods to traditional medicine. Both will act differently depending on the indications and advice of your practitioner but may very well be complementary. Indeed, just like the HomeoVet range, Bach Flowers have no side effects.

The first will work most often on targeted physical symptoms and the second will rebalance the emotional state of our furry friends. An ideal combination when it is assumed that the body and the head are connected and that their respective state influences one another.

So why not combine the Quietude Elixir and GastroVet oral solution? It is a natural and complete response to episodic or chronic stress that would result in gastric spasms disrupting the gastrointestinal system.

Our simple tips to take care of your pets

With Bach flowers, your pet will find an ideal emotional balance. But to make him feel better, here are some good tips to help you take care of him:

  • Give him attention: an animal needs interaction; spend as much time as you can with your pet each day!
  • Feed him well: choose healthy food that is adapted to his needs; your pet will be more fit and happier.
  • Avoid boredom: if you go away regularly, to go to work for example, think about leaving activities for your animal.
  • Take care of him naturally: for the small daily discomforts, use adapted natural remedies which will relieve the discomfort of your faithful companion.
  • Love him, simply!

Thanks to Bach flowers, your pet will be in perfect shape every day, for his greatest happiness … and for yours!

Did you like this article?

Did you like this article?

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