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Yes, summer is coming to an end…and the holidays with it! Say goodbye to BBQs by the pool and lazy Sundays. Say hi to back to school shopping and the stress and microbs that come with it!

For a lot of people (kids and grown ups), back to school can be a real source of problems. The homeopathy can help you to balance your stress and avoid your kids to get a flu, a cold or some other infections due to school…naturally.

How to deal serenely with this new period of their life?

Recognize the stress symptoms of your kid

– Your kid does not even want to hear the word “school” and complain when he has to wake up
– He struggles sleeping, wakes up in the middle of the night
– He loses appetite or eats very little or less
– Your child has mood swings, laughs and then cries two seconds later
– He acts like a rebel with you

What to do for a successful back to school?

Little by little, go back to a normal rythm: go to bed early, less nights out, less activities… Also, re-initiate a morning routine and try to not oversleep during the weekdays before back to school. To help you and your child during this “not always easy” time, Homeocan has natural quality products:

Homeocoksinum, to fight off the Back to School virus

To support your child during this period when viral contamination is high, Homeocoksinum Day and Night Oral Solutions are ready to fight the influenza virus off.

It is true that it is not always easy to discern the symptoms of colds and those of the flu. Flu-like symptoms can be:

– fever
– cough
– feeling run-down
– aches and pains
– inflammation

The Homeocoksinum Kids 0-9 Oral Solutions are an homeopathic medecine that helps reduce those symptoms.

How to take this product correctly? Take 15 drops in the mouth. Repeat every 8 hours for 24 hours or as directed by a health care practitioner.

The Calm syrup for anxious children

Nowadays the cases of attention deficit, nervousness and agitation multiply. This is even more true when the child has to change the rhythm of life, as at school. To help your kid naturally, we designed the Calm Syrup.

All the ingredients that compose it work to reduce agitation and nervousness, among others: Asa foetida, Valeriana officinalis, Paeonia officinalis etc … It will accompany your child in his mood changes due to the change of rhythm that he suffers during the school year.

How to take this product correctly? Children 0 to 5 years of age: 1/2 teaspoon, 3 to 4 times daily. Children 6 to 9 years of age: 1 teaspoon, 3 to 4 times daily. Reduce intake with improvement or as directed by a healthcare practitioner. To be taken away from meals.

*If your child has a bad cough, don’t wait and opt for the cough syrup for toddler syrup 0 – 9.

Duo Protective Care Repellent (lice, parasites ..)

Because they are regulars of the season and can ruin your daily life, we thought to merge the virtues of aromatherapy. With this anti-parasite Duo Care Protection, you will be able to fight unwanted hair naturally!

The Tea Tree Pure Essential Oil is effective against all common skin infections caused by microorganisms in the environment and the human body. It is therefore ideal for fighting fungal infections and lice.

The Lavender Pure Essential Oil is an oil with many virtues. It helps to relax, to relax. It can also act against headaches. In combination with Essential Oil Tea Tree it is an excellent repellent against unwanted lice.

Kids 0–9 Immuni+ Gummies: at the first signs of weakness

The Immuni+ Gummies complex contains three main ingredients that boost the immune system when it is weak.

Vitamin C increases the body’s resistance to infection. Propolis has proven antiviral properties, and Echinacea possesses numerous immunostimulatory, antiviral, antifungal, antibiotic, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as antioxidants. Thus, this is a unique trio that works very well together and produces good results.

How to take this product correctly? Give your child a gummy bear every morning to strengthen their immune system and face the new rhythm of the new school year

Your attention: This remedy is for children aged 4 and over

Kids 0–9 Multivitamins Gummies: for vitamin and mineral deficiencies

The Multivitamins Gummies is great to start using now, among the first colds. This mixture contains, among other ingredients, vitamins A, B12, C, and zinc — the ones I was just talking about.

How to take this product correctly? Give your child a gummy bear every morning to strengthen their immune system and face the new rhythm in Back to school.

Your attention: This remedy is for children 9 years old and over.

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