Back to school without stress, lice or viruses !

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le 24 Aug 2021

Faced with stress, viruses and lice: how to have a successful back-to-school experience 

Summer is already almost over. Goodbye poolside barbecues and long, lazy Sundays; hello mad back-to-school dash, stress and germs! For many people, adults and children alike, back to school rhymes with health concerns

Managing back-to-school stress 

Some children are excited or a bit nervous before school starts, while others suffer from anxiety. Is this the case with your child? Supporting your children and managing their emotions is easier when you learn to identify the symptoms of anxiety.

How to identify an anxious child

— Complains when asked to get out of bed and might even refuse to hear the word school itself. 

— Sleeps poorly or wakes up during the night.

— Loses his or her appetite, eating very little or less than usual.

— Has mood swings and changes rapidly from laughing to crying.

— Stands up to you and becomes temperamental.

How can you help your child feel less stressed?

Slowly but surely, you can help your child gradually return to a normal rhythm by having an earlier bedtime, reducing the number of outings and promoting a relaxed atmosphere. Restoring a morning routine and limiting sleeping in on weekdays leading up to the beginning of school will also help make a child less anxious. 

We developed our Calm Syrup as a way to help manage your child’s mood swings and irritability during this stressful time. Its all-natural ingredients can help reduce agitation and nervousness. 

Natural tools for the flu virus

It’s inevitable: school comes with its share of boo-boos. During this period of heavy viral contamination, Homeocoksinum Day and Night Oral Solutions are the right defence when the flu comes knocking. 

It’s not always easy to know the difference between cold and flu symptoms. The flu can be identified by:

— fever;

— coughing;

— a lack of energy

— sore muscles;

— inflammation of the respiratory mucosa.

Homeocoksinum Children 0–9 homeopathic remedies can help relieve these symptoms naturally.

Natural remedies to prevent lice and other parasites     

Ah, lice… It seems no one can escape them! To help repel these unwanted pests, we have called upon the benefits of aromatherapy. With our Duo Care Protection Lavender and Tea Tree set composed of two essential oils (lavender and tea tree), no lice will dare come around your house!

Advantages of the Duo Care Protection

Pure tea tree essential oil Pure lavender essential oil
✓Works in case of skin infections brought on by micro-organisms present in the environment and in the human body ✓Promotes relaxation
✓Helps with colds and coughs ✓Helps relieve headaches
✓Ideal for treating mycosis and repelling lice ✓Excellent repellent for lice and other parasites

A strong immune system for a stress-free return to school

 The key is to reinforce your child’s immune system if you want to avoid catching all the viruses and germs that circulate when school begins. The three main ingredients of our Immuni+ Gummies give a “boost” to a weakened immune system.

 Vitamin C increases the body’s resistance to infection, propolis has antiviral properties, and Echinacea has immunostimulant, antiviral, antifungal, antibiotic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. This trio works hard together to give excellent results.

Top up on energy!

Going back to school is physically and mentally demanding for your child, so why not offer him or her a dose of energy? Our Multivitamin Gummies complex is a great way to start. This blend contains vitamin A, B12 and C, and Zinc (amongst other ingredients). A gummy a day helps keep the fatigue away!

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