How to Treat a Sore Throat. Don’t Just Numb a Sore Throat!

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le 06 Nov 2020

Got that scratchy feeling in your throat? The discomfort can make things irritating. In addition, our body’s internal clock has been shaken due to shorter days, less sunlight, and the imminent temperature drop. Our compromised immune system, due to these sudden changes, is more at risk of suffering from sore throats. 

The good news though; there are many natural remedies to help relieve your sore throat symptoms.

Our Solutions

Beating a sore throat can be challenging but these natural solutions can help you get back at full strength.

Homeopathic Remedies

Relieving pain and irritation of the throat is made easy with Real Relief Throat Ease Tablets. Additionally, it is useful to minimize hoarseness and the extinction of voices (symptoms often associated with laryngitis). Having trouble swallowing due to throat inflammation? The Real Relief Throat Ease Syrup is made from the same medicinal ingredients as the tablets, but easier to consume.

Alternatively, to reduce the intensity or duration of symptoms H39 Sore Throat Drops are a good convenient option and are made to be diluted in a teaspoon of water and consumed three times a day. 

Products composed of natural homeopathic ingredients can offer an easy, often gluten free solution with no side effects. Ensure that you respect recommended dosage and take these remedies. Available to all ages, it makes it a useful answer to the symptoms experienced by the whole family. 

Essential oils

Diffused into the air, inhaled, or massaged onto the skin, Essential Oils are a plus in your pharmaceutical toolbox. They hold antibacterial, anti-inflammatory or even antiseptic properties designed to soothe and regulate discomfort.  

The use of Essential Oils such as, Red Thyme Thymol, which prevents the growth of the bacteria. And Oregano Linalool, which kills the bacteria can help relieve symptoms of sore throat (click here for more). 

Cold or Hot 

Easing the pain versus soothing the pain. Soft cold foods, such as popsicles or ice cream, lower the temperature of nerve ending. Meanwhile, hot drinks, such as tea can soothe the pain, thin mucus to decrease discomfort while providing much needed hydration. Ultimately, both can be useful !

Home Remedies

Home remedies can be useful in soothing symptoms, but also preventing or maintaining good health. 

Now, when it comes to sore throats, the common home remedies that are often used, such as a spoonful of honey or lots of water and rest, are some of the oldest tricks in the book and they do really help. 

  • Honey: a natural soothing effect, reducing inflammation. Honey can be taken just like that (spoonful) or added to hot water or tea. And it’s non-perishable!
  • Water: provide lots of hydration to your body! Like mentioned above, fluids thin mucus allowing for better drainage to recover more rapidly.  
  • Rest: give your body a break! Simply put, rest is the most basic remedy, it’s the body’s natural way of healing itself. 

These tips will provide you comfort and allow your body to recover. Combining these remedies with natural products will encourage healing. This being said, there are more home remedies that you could combine to help relieve your symptoms. 

Let us know your go-to home remedy in the comments!

Did you like this article?

Did you like this article?

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