How to compensate for the lack of vitamin D in winter?

In the heart of winter, natural sunshine can decrease by 60%, this significantly reduces our vitamin D intake. In summer, because we wear lighter and less covering clothes, our system generates a large amount of vitamin D by this simple exposure to the light of day. It is estimated that exposure to the sun can provide 80% […]

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tips for detox

4 tips for restoring balance after the holidays

Fatigue, discomfort, muscle pain, headaches: do these symptoms sound familiar? With the cold weather and lack of natural light, it’s normal to feel heavier and more bloated than usual. Those are signs that your body needs to recharge its batteries!  In addition to our homeopathic products designed specifically to boost your immune system, discover our […]

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Aromatherapy for a natural holiday season

What’s better than wishing your loved ones good health for the new year? Treating them (or yourself) to the gift of aromatherapy! This holiday season we are going with natural gifts that are as pleasant to give as they are to receive! What is aromatherapy? Aromatherapy is the therapeutic approach of healing and taking care […]

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Homeopathy for flu symptoms

Naturally relieve flu symptoms with homeopathy

Wondering when flu season is? She comes back every year and is right around the corner! Fortunately, homeopathy is highly effective to relieve flu symptoms and Homeocan offers many natural and homeopathic options. To protect yourself from the seasonal flu, boost your immune system with additional treatment. How to identify flu symptoms? What homeopathic and […]

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Seasonal depression: how can we avoid it?

The sun sets earlier, the cold settles in: as winter approaches, moments of depression are more likely to occur. From late fall till spring, many people feel tired, stressed or even depressed. This is what we call the winter blues, or seasonal depression when symptoms are more severe. What are the triggers for these feelings […]

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Header changement heure

Time change and its effects on the body

When it comes time to change the hour, many of us wonder whether Daylight Saving Time is beneficial or not and how it affects our body. Since 1963, time change goes into effect every Fall! And this change can impact the body in ways that are difficult to bear. Here are some tips to help […]

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homeopathic remedies for muscle and joint pain
Aches & Pains

Homeopathic remedies for muscle and joint pain

Homeopathic medicine provides an alternative approach to curing rheumatic pains and other body pains with natural substances. While doctors prescribe over-the counter-drugs and more potent medications for joint pains, there are alternative homeopathic treatments. If you are looking for homeopathic remedies for muscle and joint pain, you are at the right place! List of remedies that can […]

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