Bringing your pet on a trip and taking care of him naturally!

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le 07 May 2019

Our pets are often an integral part of a family. For some of us it is unimaginable to leave them at home or at a boarding facility… at Homeocan, we understand you fully! To help you plan your trip with your four legged friend, we would like to share with you our advice and our most suitable remedies.

Good reflexes to take your pet on a trip

It is possible to bring your pet on a trip, but it requires a lot of preparation and planning. We have to keep in mind that pets can become anxious during the trip, change of environment, weather or even routing.

Surely, a stay away from home changes their habits and requires them to adapt. If you want your furry companion to benefit from this vacation, follow these simple tips:

Inquire about the rules of the carrier, the country of destination and the hotel: Each carrier (airlines, cruise lines or trains…) have regulations about pet transport on their web sites.  Therefore, verify applicable rules and regulations before booking your tickets.

Also verify these rules at the country of destination and on the government web site. Also make sure that your hotel accepts pets. Otherwise, beware of unpleasant surprises upon arrival to your destination.

  • Properly identify your pet: To help you find your faithful companion, it is essential to properly identify your pet with a collar with all your coordinates.
  • Tire them out before departure: If the trip is long, it would be best to go for a long walk before departure. Your companion will be tired and hopefully fall asleep during the trip.
  • Choosing the right transport cage: You will need a transport cage to bring your pet on a trip. To improve comfort and well-being, choose the cage carefully, making sure it’s spacious, well ventilated and solid.
  • Use Bach Flowers: Bach Flowers are remedies that can really help your four legged companion, especially during a trip. For example, Quietude Elixir, is perfectly adapted to calm the stress generated by this unusual situation.
  • In the car: If you are going by car, get your pet used to car rides before heading on this long trip.  While on road, stop at least every two hours to allow them to stretch their paws, take some fresh air and relieve themselves.  Make sure to have plenty of water and light snacks. Never leave your pet unattended in a car, they can suffocate!
  • Bring their carry-on:  Even your furry friend needs a little luggage! To help them easily find their belongings, do not forget their toys, blanket and their usual food.

The Indispensable:  Homeovet Travel Kit

These tips will help your pet have a pleasant trip.  However, it is common for our four legged companions to have symptoms related to change of habits: digestive disorders, nausea, stress, nervousness… To help them cope with these symptoms, there are natural products. We have chosen three, especially well-suited for travel, that are grouped in a convenient kit:

  • TransportVet helps to rebalance the nervous system and reduce stress and nausea.
  • DigestVet helps to ease disgestive disorders (vomiting, diarrhea…).
  • RescueVet helps to calm anxiety and promotes calmness.

These three homeopathic remedies are simple to use with the help of the integrated dropper. They are natural, made in Canada, sugar free, gluten free, dye free and without any artificial flavor. They come in an easy to carry kit and with a personalized Homeocan waste bag dispenser.

You now know how to bring your pet on a trip and help him feel comfortable naturally… Happy travels!!

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Did you like this article?

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