Calendula, to take care of your skin naturally

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le 06 Dec 2018

Do you know Calendula? This plant with many virtues is one of many effective remedies offered to us by nature. Today, we look at its action on our skin … And we can bet that this powerful orange-yellow flower will seduce you!

Calendula and its wonderful properties

Calendula Officinalis is a plant with orange-yellow flowers. It is native to Europe and grows easily in the Mediterranean areas. This plant has been used in cooking, cosmetics and medicine for centuries, even millennia!

This is not surprising when you know the many benefits of Calendula, recognized today by the WHO (World Health Organization). Combined with other ingredients, it is used in the composition of may salves, balms and remedies for different indications, the best known of which are:

– inflammation of the skin and mucous membranes
– to soothing of damaged skin
– to heal cuts, scrapes and burns for example.

In accordance with the recommendations of a health professional, Calendula can be used in different ways. It is commonly used in infusions, internally with the mother tincture, in oils, salves or creams. More often used in topical applications, because this form of application makes it easy to benefit from the healing and soothing powers of this beautiful flower.

Take care of your skin with Calendula

Now that you know the actions of Calendula, you probably wonder how you managed to get by without this powerful yet natural remedy. This plant is indeed a great way to take care of your skin naturally and easily. With the arrival of winter, your skin may also be put to the test! So, to protect and repair it, we have selected two indispensable products for you…

For children from 0 to 9 years old, Calendula First Aid Cream is perfect! Thanks to its natural composition, it helps to treat small sores and to soften and soothe dry or chapped skin. It also helps accelerate the healing of cuts, scrapes and burns, all without leaving a sticky or staining mess, perfect for the kids that crawl all around the house!

For adults, Calendula + First Aid Cream is perfect and will accompany you throughout the year. Formulated from Calendula mother tincture, it promotes healing, softens the and soothes chapped skin. It is ultra-efficient to say goodbye to small pains caused by the cold!

These two creams contain, of course, Calendula, but also echinacea, known to promote the healing of wounds and to regulate the inflammation process.

Did you know?

If you tend to have very dry, chapped hands or feet, apply a thick layer of Calendula + First Aid Cream before going to bed, then put on gloves or cotton socks. The cream will work all night and you will wake up, and like a miracle, your small cuts, crevices and dry skin will be a distant memory!

Calendula is an ally for you and the whole family to take care of your skin, naturally and effectively.

Did you like this article?

Did you like this article?

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