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Aches & Pains

Arnica montana: a plant known for its health benefits

To avoid discomfort caused by injuries, bruises, rheumatism, stings or soreness of any kind, many people restrict their outdoor activities. Don’t let those worries stop you from having fun! Arnica is a 100% natural product that relieves minor bruises and pain. An essential product to have close at hand, wherever you decide to spend your […]

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photo de jambes

7 natural products to help you feel good in your body all summer long

We can’t wait for summer! All the sunny days, beach outings, BBQs, moments outdoors… To help you enjoy all the things summer has to offer, discover our selection of natural and homeopathic must-haves.  Here are our favourite products that will help you feel good all summer long.   1. Increase collagen production Biosil® is a […]

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6 Essential Aromatherapy products for this spring

The arrival of spring… the return of beautiful sunny days, flowers in bloom and birds singing. However, warm temperatures can also bring some typical spring discomforts, such as seasonal allergies, sleep disturbance and the consequences of our (small) winter excesses.  How to remedy this? For an energized spring, count on aromatherapy.   Aromatherapy: its multiple […]

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Seasonal allergies: how to prepare for the arrival of pollen?

While the change of seasons has a positive impact on our morale, it can also come with some inconveniences, such as a runny nose, sneezing, red eyes and tickling in the throat. As pollen is impossible to avoid completely, taking the right steps can limit its effects and symptoms.   Why does pollen make us […]

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cuivre et or

Gold, silver and copper to be at the top of your form

Why should you use Oligocan trace elements like copper, gold and silver in the winter?   During winter, our body is under severe stress! With virus proliferation and seasonal fatigue, we tend to get sick more easily. Do you know how trace elements can help you avoid it? In oligotherapy, the copper, gold and silver […]

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How to compensate for the lack of vitamin D in winter?

In the heart of winter, natural sunshine can decrease by 60%, this significantly reduces our vitamin D intake. In summer, because we wear lighter and less covering clothes, our system generates a large amount of vitamin D by this simple exposure to the light of day. It is estimated that exposure to the sun can provide 80% […]

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tips for detox

4 tips for restoring balance after the holidays

Fatigue, discomfort, muscle pain, headaches: do these symptoms sound familiar? With the cold weather and lack of natural light, it’s normal to feel heavier and more bloated than usual. Those are signs that your body needs to recharge its batteries!  In addition to our homeopathic products designed specifically to boost your immune system, discover our […]

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Aromatherapy for a natural holiday season

What’s better than wishing your loved ones good health for the new year? Treating them (or yourself) to the gift of aromatherapy! This holiday season we are going with natural gifts that are as pleasant to give as they are to receive! What is aromatherapy? Aromatherapy is the therapeutic approach of healing and taking care […]

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