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Aches & Pains

Arnica montana: a plant known for its health benefits

To avoid discomfort caused by injuries, bruises, rheumatism, stings or soreness of any kind, many people restrict their outdoor activities. Don’t let those worries stop you from having fun! Arnica is a 100% natural product that relieves minor bruises and pain. An essential product to have close at hand, wherever you decide to spend your […]

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Seasonal allergies: how to prepare for the arrival of pollen?

While the change of seasons has a positive impact on our morale, it can also come with some inconveniences, such as a runny nose, sneezing, red eyes and tickling in the throat. As pollen is impossible to avoid completely, taking the right steps can limit its effects and symptoms.   Why does pollen make us […]

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Get ready for summer with these healthy tips!

Today, we have decided to share with you our health advice on preparing your body for the summer. This article discusses natural products which can promote weight loss, and health tips which can help you reach your body goals. The objective is for you to feel good in your own skin, to take care of […]

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Eucalyptus: radiata, globulus and lemon, what’s the difference?

When you think of Eucalyptus, you may be thinking of Australia and its iconic animal, the Koala, known to nibble on the leaves of this tree all day. Yet it would be a shame to reduce Eucalyptus to this image as its virtues and benefits from its everyday uses can help you stay healthy! Eucalyptus […]

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