burnout natural remedies

What you should know about natural remedies for burnout

More and more people are affected by burnout or career exhaustion. Cases are increasing each year, and the causes are multiple. Thankfully, natural remedies for burnout are effective, but it’s important to be supported and to know how to manage burnout using a homeopathic treatment. What is burnout or career exhaustion? Burnout occurs when a person […]

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Alternate breathing

Alternate breathing: the feel-good breathing technique  Have you heard about alternate breathing, a.k.a. Nadi Shodhana Pranayama? It’s a breath control technique that helps decrease activity in your nervous system and lower your blood pressure to help de-stress the mind, body and spirit. Calming and energizing at the same time, you’ll quickly feel its benefits—whether you […]

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Go trough menopause naturally!

Just like starting your period is a major milestone for young girls, menopause is just as big of a turning point in a woman’s life! In this post, we’ll be separating fact from fiction on all things menopause, and sharing top tips to help women everywhere navigate this transition.  What exactly is menopause?  In this post, […]

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