Coconut and Shea Butters: your Beauty and Well-Being Allies

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le 26 Mar 2020

26Dry skin, brittle hair, chapped skin, crevices… Winter is not easy for our body. With first line, our skin and our hair, manhandled by the cold! It is high time to welcome the cold season and enjoy it to pamper our whole body, simply and naturally with 100% organic vegetable butters! Learn more about their benefits and test our DIY recipes for lip balm and moisturizers.

The Benefits of Vegetable Butters

Vegetable butters are butters derived from plants or trees, which have properties similar to those of vegetable oils. However, unlike vegetable oils, they are not in liquid form but in solid and creamy form. They are mainly used in cosmetics and some of them can even find their place in your kitchen.

Among the most famous vegetable butters are avocado butter, cocoa butter, mango butter and, of course, the inevitable Coconut and Shea Organic & Raw ButtersThey have been used for centuries for their many virtues.

Coconut Organic & Raw Butter deeply nourishes and protects the skin and hair. It is particularly suitable for normal to dry skin as well as damaged hair. This vegetable butter also proves to be an excellent after-sun care, so think to slip it in your suitcase this summer!

Shea Organic & Raw Butter, meanwhile, is a natural care product that is absolutely essential as its virtues are numerous. Rich in vitamins A, D, E and F, it can help soothe:

  • skin problems
  • fight wrinkles
  • deeply moisturize
  • prevent stretch marks
  • reduce muscle pain

To enjoy the benefits of coconut and shea butters, the simplest is the best: choose 100% raw (unrefined) organic butters, with no additives or fragrances such as Essencia Coconut and Shea Organic & Raw Butters. You will benefit from all the virtues of these products, naturally.

How to Use Coconut and Shea Butters?

You can use Coconut and Shea Organic & Rhaw Butters alone, by gently massaging them into your skin or your hair. However, they are also excellent bases for the preparation of many homemade cosmetics.

We have selected for you two ultra-simple DIY treatments, which will allow you to pamper your body and repair it after the long winter months.

Essencia Shea Butter Lip Balm

You will need:

Nothing’s easier:

  1. Melt the beeswax in a bain-marie, turn off the heat and add the shea butter.
  2. Mix gently and add 2-3 drops of Essencia Essential Oil of your choice for the smell (if you want it).
  3. Pour the balm into the jar.
  4. Let it cool and apply regularly to your lips to make them soft!

Essencia Coconut Butter Body Moisturizer

You will need:

Nothing’s easier:

  1. Put all the ingredients in a bowl and allow to melt over a bain-marie on low heat.
  2. When all the ingredients have melted, mix gently.
  3. Let cool (you can put the body moisturizer in the refrigerator overnight).
  4. Then, using an electric or manual mixer, whip the mixture to get a creamy butter.

This moisturizer can be used on the entire body to soothe, repair and soften the skin.

Essencia’s Coconut and Shea Organic & Raw Butters are your beauty and well-being allies every day of the year!

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Did you like this article?

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