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A cold sore is a common condition but a very unpleasant one. To help you better understand this ailment we will discuss the myths and truths that surround it…

Cold Sores, what are we talking about?

Cold sores, also called “Herpes’’ or ‘’Fever blister’’ is a viral disease caused by the herpes simplex virus, of type 1 or 2. Herpes that appears on the face is caused by type 1. This virus enters our body through a lesion or through a mucosal tissue; it can be dormant for months, maybe years.

When the virus becomes active, symptoms appear. We usually get a feeling of heat or itching. In the days and hours that follow, transparent vesicles form, opaque in color and then drain the liquid they contain. 

A crust appears and eventually falls off. The cycle of cold sores is 10 to 15 days. These lesions are usually located around the mouth, on the forehead or on the cheeks.

The TRUTH/FALSE about Herpes

Cold sores are always contagious

TRUE – Cold sores are contagious from the onset of tingling and until the symptoms disappear.

It is possible to infect another person, but also to contaminate yourself! Avoid all close contact with those around you and do not touch your scabs.

Symptoms always appear after having contracted the virus

FALSE – According to the WHO, 3.7 billion people are carriers of the herpes virus type 1. However, a large part of them will never know that they carry this virus.

In fact, it can remain dormant for a lifetime, without ever causing symptoms.

Alcohol treats cold sores

FALSE – An old grandmother’s remedy is to apply a wipe soaked in alcohol to the lesions.  While this method can dry out the blisters, it does not help the body get rid of symptoms and may even leave scars.

Herpes never really goes away

TRUE – Once the herpes virus is in the body, it is impossible to get rid of it. It lodges itself in the lymph nodes then enters a “sleep” phase. It can then cause symptoms from time to time.

It often manifests itself during phases of fatigue, stress, or along with another disease that weakens the immune system.

There are remedies to soothe herpes

TRUE – If you can’t get rid of the virus, it’s still possible to ease the symptoms of cold sores. Homeopathy can help you fight the infection.

Traumacare Cold Sores Balm, a blend of Essencial Oils Essencia Solution and Homeocan Herpes cream are 3 must-haves. Formulated from perfectly combined homeopathic ingredients, they offer you immediate relief.

Sun and cold promote healing

FALSE – Just like alcohol mentioned above, the sun and the cold can dry out the blisters, but do not help healing. Unprotected exposure to UV rays or winter temperatures can even worsen symptoms.

Antibiotics treat cold sores

FALSE – Antibiotics are ineffective against the herpes virus. Your doctor may be able to prescribe an antiviral or pain reliever. You can supplement this prescription with a homeopathic treatment.

You are now well informed on cold sores! To soothe the symptoms naturally, turn to homeopathy as soon as the virus comes up.

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