The Homeopathic Emergency Kit

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le 24 May 2020

Why accumulate dozens of allopathic medicines in a small pharmacy when a complete Homeopathic Emergency Kit exists? Find in this kit (or small suitcase or small briefcase) all the homeopathic medicines needed for your natural home pharmacy …

All of Homeocan’s expertise in a Homeopathic Emergency Kit

Armed with our expertise and intense research, Homeocan’s experts carefully selected a set of 17 unique homeopathic medicines (+ a cream bottle of Arnica Montana and a PhytoGargarism).

The resulting Homeopathic Emergency Kit addresses a wide range of everyday ailments such as:

  • gastrointestinal disorders
  • urinary tract
  • pains
  • skin problems
  • problems of the ENT sphere*
  • and even emotions

In addition, each Homeopathic Emergency Kit also includes a full homeopathic reference guide (vade-mecum) ** on the remedies and classified by pathology. Each granules tube is well labeled with directions for use and usage references.

When it comes to colds, Mom and Dad often have very few options for the little ones, but fortunately this emergency kit offers good and safe solutions for the whole family.

The Homeopathic Emergency Kit contains 17 unique remedies that will treat all the ailments of adults and children, such as:

  • cough, cold and runny nose
  • burns
  • bites
  • body aches
  • headache
  • diarrhea
  • sore throat
  • nausea and nervous tension

Homeopathy: the law of similarities

Homeopathy is a natural alternative medicine based on the law of similarity and the use of infinitesimal doses. But what does that mean?

The law of similarity

Any substance capable of provoking disturbances in a healthy human may, at very low doses, make these same disorders disappear in a sick individual. Take the example of an essential ingredient in Homeopathy: Voluntary intoxication by Arnica Montana, causes aches, bruises and a feeling of fatigue.

Conversely, Arnica Montana homeopathic use will be for generalized trauma (fatigue of physical effort …) or sudden (blows, bumps …).

Infinitesimal or very low doses

These doses are obtained by means of successive dilutions of a basic substance, at 1/10 (decimals) or at 1/100 (centesimal). Again, take the example of Arnica Montana 9 CH means that the base Arnica tincture was diluted 9 times in the hundredth according to Hahnemann’s technique.

It is not magic, it is not miraculous, but it can be very effective and especially without side effects. So, equip yourself with this complete homeopathic kit and make your daily life a natural affair!

These remedies can be administered without consulting a homeopath, but if the symptoms persist, we invite you to consult a health professional.

* otorhinolaryngological
** therapeutic index

Did you like this article?

Did you like this article?

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