Contagious viruses: 9 tips how to avoid spreading to it to those around you

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le 29 Jan 2020

From October to March it’s high season for the flu and colds in Canada, and throughout the northern hemisphere! Every year, millions of Canadians catch these contagious viruses… Children and adults, no one is spared, they are very unpleasant, even dangerous for people that are weak (young children, pregnant women, elderly…). 

If you are one of those affected, it is necessary to take certain measures to not spread it those around you!

How do colds and flu spread?

These contagious viruses are frequently transmitted by talking, sneezing or by coughing. The virus then goes in the air and can infect others by penetrating their organism through the eyes, nose and mouth. This spread can be direct (by breathing and contact with the air), or indirectly (by touching an infected surface and then touch your face).

The spread of these contagious viruses can happen a few days before you feel the first symptoms and until their complete disappearance.

Tip #1: Frequently wash contaminated surfaces

According to Health Canada, telephones, door handles, remote controls are places where we find the highest amount of viruses. Wash them regularly and avoid touching them if you are sick.

Tip #2: Wash your hands:

According to World Health Organization, 80% of germs and viruses are transmitted through the hands. To avoid spreading to those around you, it is required to wash your hands thoroughly a few times per day. Especially before meals, after blowing your nose, before touching objects… Use a liquid soap and not a soap bar, which can keep viruses on its surface.

Tip #3: Stay home

As mentioned above, these contagious viruses are transmitted in the air. If you do not want to spread your virus, avoid public places (offices, public transport, schools, shopping centers…). Stay home and rest until all symptoms have disappeared.

Tip #4: Cough in your sleeve

Cough and sneeze in a disposable tissue. If you don’t have any on you, do it in the hollow of your elbow. This will limit the spread of viruses in the air, and the contamination of the environment.

Tip #5: Blow your nose in a disposable tissue

When you blow your nose use a disposable paper tissue. Throw it out immediately in a closed trash can. If you cough without covering your mouth, leave your tissues around or use a reusable tissue, you will multiply the risk of contamination! Wash your hands after blowing your nose.

Tip #6: Do not share certain objects

If you have a cold or the flu, avoid sharing certain objects that can be contaminated, like blankets, glasses, telephones, towels… If your child is sick, clean their toys and stuffed animals frequently.

Tip #7: Avoid close contacts

These contagious viruses are transmitted by the nose, eyes and mouth.  While you are sick, keep your distance from those around you. Forget about kissing and hugging or any other type of contact for a few days!

Tip #8: Air out your home

Viruses multiply in closed rooms. To avoid transmitting colds and flu, you should consider airing out your home. 15 minutes each morning and every night is enough to sanitize the air. In addition, you can diffuse Essential Oils, known for their capacity to sanitize the air and fight against viruses like Eucalyptus, Lavender or Tea Tree.

Tip #9: Wear a surgical mask

Finally, our last tip to avoid spreading these contagious viruses is to wear a surgical mask. Tie it behind your head, place it over the nose and let it fall under the chin. Change it when wet or at maximum every 3 hours. These masks are excellent barriers to avoid viruses from diffusing in the air.

Flu or colds, these contagious viruses spread very quickly. Apply these tips as soon as the first symptoms appear to avoid spreading it to those around you.

Did you like this article?

Did you like this article?

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