4 tips to bring balance & vitality back after holidays!

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le 05 Jan 2018

We don’t know about yourself, but between all of the end-of-year parties (even those with little indulgence) and the current season, we feel heavier, more tired, and bloated. Our bodies need a break – to reinvigorate and reenergize. Take a look at @MlleCricri’s five detox tips – they’re easy to follow and will help you get rid of the fats and toxins your body has stored up over the Holidays.

You might still be wondering – “Why detox?” Did you know that when waste and toxins are not quickly evacuated by our systems, they become impregnated in our tissues, then our cells, which can lead to adverse effects.

Here are a few of the symptoms you might be feeling if your system is overloaded: fatigue, illness, soreness, recurring headaches, etc. If you recognize some of these symptoms, I recommend that you not wait – start your detox today. In fact, detoxing regularly is recommended for preventing illness and feeling better overall.  

1 – Rewrite your grocery list

The first step is to review your eating habits and adopt a healthier lifestyle. Remove temptation from your fridge – empty it out, and then move on to your pantry. Get rid of all your holiday leftovers – cheese, cake, chocolate, ice cream, chips, etc. Hang on to the items that are good for you. The idea is to give your cells healthy nutrients.

Here are a few key actions for getting you there:

– Keep all of your fresh fruit and veg – they’re packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that can relieve nutritional stressors and get you feeling more dynamic.

– Get rid of processed foods like white sugar, white flour, and white rice, replacing them with whole grains like quinoa, whole-wheat rice and pasta, millet, etc.

– Reduce your consumption of red meat and replace it with lean fish or vegetable protein (tofu, Tempeh, etc.).

– Stay hydrated! Help your body eliminate toxins by drinking 1.5 – 2 litres of liquid per day. Prioritize water intake, but treat yourself with fruit and vegetable juices (ideally homemade), or smoothies and tea.

2 – Count on detox food complements

To help your body with the elimination of toxins, a good detox can be greatly improved with plant-based supplements. Here are my choices:

H114 Digestion Drops by Homeocan Professional

They are essential in your first-aid kit! After a heavy meal, some drops in a glass of water and you can say bye-bye to bloated-feeling and nausea. 

Its price: $12,85 for 30 mL

Triple Action by the Collection Michèle Boisvert

@MlleCricri recently found out about this product and I find its formula perfect! Made of licorice, marshmallow, witch hazel and red elm, it helps to relieve digestive tract inflammations, such as gastritis for the adult.

Furthermore, it contains psyllium which is almost a supernatural seed in order to relieve all the problems associated with constipation, diarrhea and intestines inflammatory diseases. Note that psyllium is almost systematically used in “intestines cleaning treatment”.

Its price: $31,99 for 1 box of 200gr

3 – Restore our PH balance

Maintaining a healthy acid-base balance is essential to a functional system. If your body is too acidic, your health can deteriorate. For instance, you may experience difficulty digesting, chronic fatigue, numb limbs, etc. An imbalance can provoke osteoporosis, arthritis, or kidney stones. Modern food consumption is greatly to blame for the acidity in our bodies.

Thus, it’s important to prioritize a varied diet, all the while reducing acidic foods, such as animal proteins, dairy products, or processed foods. But take care – they’re not the only parts of your diet responsible for the imbalance. A lack of sleep, insufficient physical activity, and stress can also increase your body’s acidity.

Tips: During a whole week, @MlleCricri likes to make a smoothie in the morning in which she adds a lemon and ginger.

4 – Practice sport activities

Practicing some sport activities is also important to get our shape back. A little walk will allow you to get tome fresh air and facilitate digestion. After 20 minutes, you will feel better already.

Stretching exercises will stretch all your muscles in order to eliminate toxin which have been accumulated. Yoga or Pilates postures, even for a few minutes, will encourage cleaning your body while helping it to develop muscles without being abrupt.

Credit Photos: © Christine Lacaze
Article written in collaboration with Christine Lacaze, creator and author of the webzine Mademoiselle Cricri. Her opinions expressed are 100% sincere!

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