Disinfect or sanitize: what are the differences?

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le 26 Apr 2020

Recently, we have all been obsessed with viruses and bombarded with information to protect ourselves… Among the advice given, you will certainly see very often two terms: sanitation and disinfection. But what do they mean exactly? And what is the difference between the 2? We unravel it all to help you best protect your health and that of your loved ones…

Disinfection or sanitation… What are the differences?

We speak of “disinfection“; disinfectants are antimicrobial agents designed to inactive or destroy microorganisms on inert surface. The objective of disinfection is therefore to kill these pathogens to avoid the diseases they could cause in humans.

Sanitation, on the other hand, consists of cleaning a surface to bring the number of microorganisms to a safe sanitary level. They are not completely eliminated. However, the germs disappear enough to no longer cause problems for human health.

Sanitation is an excellent method of cleaning, very suitable for the home. In times of health crises, such as the one we are currently experiencing, you can associate it with disinfection.

Why disinfecting or sanitizing is so important?

Disinfection is extremely important in hospitals and restaurants. This method can also be used in your home, especially during risky periods like now. In normal times, cleaning up your house can be a sufficient.

Keeping your house clean is absolutely essential through disinfection or sanitation. Indeed, letting pathogenic microorganisms develop can lead to the multiplication of diseases, more or less serious, for you and your loved ones.

Dusting and cleaning a surface is not enough, even if this step is necessary before disinfecting or sanitizing. Even if you don’t see them, germs are present on all surfaces. They can be transmitted very quickly to humans by touching.   They then spread between the household and during contacts outside.

Among the people most at risk, we find those who tend to put objects in their mouths or touch many surfaces… Children are therefore on the front line against viruses, bacteria and other microbes!

To protect them, it is essential to regularly clean up their games, toys, stuffed animals, but also all the other surfaces  they may be in contact with.

Simple and natural tips to sanitize

To disinfect your home, you can use bleach or other commercially available products. They must clearly indicate their disinfecting properties. Be careful to respect the instructions for use so as to not get intoxicated!

In addition or to replace these products in normal times, here are a few tips to remember:

Essencia Oils of Thyme, Lavender and Tee Tree: antiseptic and antibacterial, these 3 oils can be used in homemade household products

Kids 0-9 Stripping Powder & Stain Remover: a natural, easy-to-use powder to remove stains and keep laundry fresh and clean

African Black Soap: cleaner and disinfectant. Dilute a spoon in a bucket of water to clean all surfaces

Kids 0-9 Laundry Detergent: to sanitize and protect the clothes of your little ones (and yours!)

Sodium Bicarbonate: it can be used to sanitize and eliminate odors

Kids 0-9 Sanitizer, natural & biodegradable: a Canadian product designed for the health and safety of children! Use it to sanitize diapers, games and toys.

White vinegar: disinfectant, deodorizer, descale and cleans, white vinegar has everything an essential household product should have! Just use it with a sponge.

You now know how to take care of your home to avoid risks and stay healthy!

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Did you like this article?

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