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le 01 Oct 2018

We all wish for smooth, clear and healthy skin… Yet, according to the Canadian Acne and Rosacea Society, 85% of youth aged 12 to 24 are affected by skin problems. Unlike what many people may think, acne is not just a teenage problem: 5 million Canadians are concerned, including one in five adult women! Here we  explain where acne comes from, how to treat it naturally and what steps you can take to finally have radiant and healthy skin.

What is and where does acne come from?

Acne comes in the form of red pimples, blackheads, whiteheads or small cysts. They can appear on the face, of course, but also on the back, the torso or even the scalp.

Fundamentally it can be said that acne occurs when sebaceous glands produce excess sebum. Sebum is a naturally secreted substance that, in normal amounts, helps to protect and hydrate the epidermis. However, when the glands produce too much sebum, it eventually clogs the pores and promotes the multiplication of bacteria. These bacteria then cause inflammation, which in turn causes the onset of acne.

In adolescents, hormones are usually responsible for the overproduction of sebum and the development of acne. In adults, hormones are also involved, which explains why women are most affected by these issues. Indeed, women undergo permanent hormonal fluctuations during their lifespan due to the menstrual cycle, but also during pregnancy or menopause.

Some medications can also cause the appearance of acne, as well as excessive or unsuitable cleansing, perspiration or the use of cosmetics containing oils (except pure unprocessed vegetable oils).

Did you know?
During summer, our skin very often looks more beautiful and pimples magically disappear. This is because the sun tends to “dry imperfections”. However, UV rays are also responsible for thickening the epidermis, which can lead to a bad evacuation of the skin’s sebum. The result: sebum accumulates in depth and finally, the pimples end up hatching once summer is over.

How to treat acne naturally?

Even if prescription drugs exist to treat acne, they are often not necessary to treat more benign cases. Indeed, acne can be treated naturally when choosing appropriate and effective care. To help you, we have selected our Top 3 essential products in your fight against these unpleasant imperfections:

Acne Pellets

These homeopathic granules have been formulated to fight acne from the inside and help cleanse the skin effectively. Just take 3 granules 3 times a day, until improvement!

The Tea Tree Pure Essential Oil by Essencia

This essential oil has innumerable virtues and, among them, the power to fight acne. Indeed. Tea tree is renowned as anti-infectious and anti-bacterial, effective against all skin infections. The most effective method to use Tea Tree Oil is by applying topically directly on the concerned areas. Simply mix 20 to 30 drops of Tea Tree essential oil with 50ml of neutral lotion or Organic Vegetable Oil and apply this mixture daily on clean, dry skin.

Essencia Rosemary Floral Water 

This Floral Water comes directly from the South of France and is a staple of your new anti-acne routine! In addition to the delicious smell of Rosemary and thanks to its purifying, rebalancing and toning properties, it will help your body to regulate the production of sebum, and thus prevent the development of acne. To use it, nothing simpler: apply it with a cotton swab or by lightly misting your skin morning and evening, without rinsing.

Lifestyle is also key when you want to say goodbye to acne

In addition to the use of these natural products, it is essential to have good habits to fight effectively against acne.

Here are some basic tips to apply today:

  • Clean your face morning and evening with a mild and natural cleanser and then gently dry with a clean towel.
  • Apply a non-comedogenic moisturizer every morning making sure that it does not contains oils (except pure vegetable oils).
  • Make a clay mask once a week to clean thoroughly.
  • Do not touch your pimples!
  • Use little makeup and ensure that it is, like all products you apply to your face, oil-free (except pure vegetable oils) and non-comedogenic.
  • Regularly clean your makeup brushes.
  • Avoid tobacco and alcohol.
  • Do not expose yourself to the sun without protection.
  • Avoid foods that are very fat or very sweet and dairy products as they tend to aggravate acne breakouts.

If you adopt an anti-acne care routine that includes Acne PelletsTea Tree Pure Essential Oil and Rosemary Floral Water and you pair it with these good habits, you will quickly see your skin become clearer and you will be on your way to eliminate acne … naturally!

Always seek the advice of your pharmacist or health professional.
Credit Photo by Laura Marques on Unsplash (cover)

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Did you like this article?

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