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As the winter sluggishly exits our lives (finally), we begin to catch glimpses of the beautiful days to come. These seasonal changes are often complicated times for the body! Physical and mental fatigue, lack of vitality, sensitivity to small, passing viruses … Many of us go through a rather unpleasant period of time. Fortunately, there are natural and simple solutions to get fit and feel at your best for spring! This article will provide you with the answers.

Fighting against physical and mental fatigue

If you’re feeling tired, both physically and mentally, you may be experiencing a phosphorus deficiency! Indeed, phosphorus is a mineral which is essential to the proper functioning of our body.

It contributes :
– To the formation of the cells,
– To maintaining healthy bones
– To maintaining the balance of acidity in our body
– As well as to the storage and transport of energy in our cells

Phosphorus also contributes to the proper functioning of your memory. In short, if you want to be at your best for spring, this mineral is your ally! The main sources of phosphorus are cereals, meats, eggs, fish and dairy products. However, to ensure that you are not deficient by the end of the winter, do not hesitate to opt for perfectly dosed supplements.

Magnantyl is an ideal product to replenish the phosphorus in your body, get back into shape, stimulate your memory, improve the appearance of your skin, and protect your bones!

So if you feel really fatigued, try Magnantyl +, which, thanks to its royal jelly component, will provide you with a real energy boost! With this product, you will feel fit and full of vitality, thereby overcoming any negative effects of stress from everyday life.

Establishing equilibrium for the body to be at our best for Spring

Deficiencies in mineral salts and trace elements may be responsible for the discomfort you feel at the end of winter: fatigue, insomnia, hair loss. You may also be experiencing some unpleasant sensations caused by some bad habits, such as excessive coffee consumption , alcohol, drugs, or a lack of physical activity!

Thus, to rebalance all this and be at your best for spring, it’s time to stock up on essential minerals. Thanks to its composition of marine micro-nutrients, the PMH – Marine Plasma allows the body to replenish its deficiencies and find a perfect balance. The results? Feeling healthy, improvements in the functioning of muscles, and a strengthening of bones and teeth.

Boosting energy and fighting off infections

If you were told that it is possible to refuel on energy while avoiding respiratory infections which prove to be devastating during seasonal changes, then you were told the truth! All you have to do is opt for natural ingredients with recognized benefits.

To form an incredible energy cocktail, Maxiforce contains:
– Echinacea
– Aloe vera
– Ginkgo biloba
– Ginseng
– Kola nut
– Alfalfa
– Spirulina
– Sage

More specifically, these ingredients will stimulate your immune system, increase your energy, fight fatigue, and strengthen your bones: all the ingredients needed to be at your best for spring.

How to use these products?

These 4 products are full of natural ingredients which allow us to refuel, avoid deficiencies, and feel fit. They are precious allies during seasonal changes when the body  is more fragile and weak.

You can safely use all of these products simultaneously in order to enjoy their multiple benefits. Given their format of drinkable glass vials, they are easy to use and can provide beneficial effects in a quick manner. They do not contain lactose, alcohol, or gluten. So, what are you waiting for? Be at your best for Spring!

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