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  • Calming Massage Oil 180 ml | Essencia

  • Caress Massage Oil 180 ml | Essencia

  • N°26 Sexy Man 15 ml | Fragrance Essencia

  • E.O Trio Seduction Giftset | Essencia

  • Fragrance Trio Seduction Giftset | Essencia

  • N°27 Sexy Lady 15 ml | Fragrance Essencia

  • Ceramic Diffuser + Seduction Trio GIFT SET

  • Moment for Two Kit | Essencia



Jee Lux
Posted 1 year ago

My experience with Homeocan has been excellent. The products, which are homeopathic, work wonders for my family. The children never fight taking the medicine because of the delicious Kids 0-9 flavors! The whole family is a big fan! Thank you Homeocan.

Maria Trujillo
Posted 11 months ago

Their homeopathic products are well priced and they have a wide choice of remedies.

Rony M.
Posted 11 months ago

Great customer service!!! As a parent I recommend Kids 0-9 this brand is fantastic!! I recommend Cough&Cold Herbal syrup this is really effective and works quickly. Thank you Homeocan!!

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