When seasons change what should we do?

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le 13 Oct 2017

Article writting by Christine Lacaze, creator and author of the webzine Mademoiselle Cricri.

When the cold weather comes we feel it from our head to our toes, the fall foliage is beautiful crisp and clean. This slow change from Fall to Winter gives us time to refuel for the long season of winter. Our Bodies need this time to adjust. Here are some tips and tricks to help you out!

Understanding your body better

As a Naturopath I have studied traditional medicine to understand the way our body works. Did you know what  the body goes through  when the seasons change? The body feels these changes within the lungs and the intestines, we need to take care of them  in order to remain healthy.

It’s always important to do an immune boost during this time of year and I will explain how to do it.


An imbalance in your lungs will cause colds to come back time and again, learning to breathe deeply everyday will help this progress, you should try (rhythmic breathing techniques if you haven’t done so).

Essencia Essential Oil (Balsam Fir Pure Essential Oil) helps cleanse the lungs as you are breathing its an excellent antiseptic you should always have it in your medicine cabinet. If you take some vegetable oil and mix it with the balsam fir and rub it into your skin around your throat, it’s a good way to get it into your system.

Digestive system

The intestines are largely responsible for our immune system. It is therefore essential to take care of them. The large intestine helps in the elimination of toxins. Before that it finishes the digestion of proteins and carbohydrates, the assimilation of iron and separates liquids and solids.

I always recommend in the fall to do a cleanse of the digestive system. Several products exist on the market, but I am a great follower of Homeopathy – and It can be used for the whole family. There is a Homeocan product called Digestion H114 this is my go to.

You can use it all year round (15 drops a day, 3 times a day) or in case of eating too much after a meal. What is also interesting Digestion H114 is that it will work on your intestines, but also in your liver! This will also have a positive impact in your body.

Minerals and the body

After the summer’s heat our bodies  experience significant loss of essential minerals , we need to replace them, so now it’s a good time to do that with Homeocan Minerals Plus product which contains sodium sulfate, iron, silica and calcium carbonate. Safe for the whole family.

From the first signs of fatigue, sniffing, coughing, sore throat, use the Copper-Gold-Silver! This complex of trace elements is anti-infectious and antiviral! It stimulates the immune system naturally by strengthening the body’s defenses against infections. It’s a MUST to have in your medicine cabinet.

Helping children overcome the stress of change

Last year, the Montreal Journal de Montreal newspaper published an article with alarming figures on children’s stress! Whether it’s school, tests, a move, a separation, a good friend moving away, a death, and so on. I always recommend Kids 09 Calm Syrup from Homeocan.

Kids 09 Calm Syrup formula really helps to reduce the anxiety, agitation during these stressful periods. It contains Ignatia Amara, a very effective plant that helps with stress, and Valeriana officinalis which has the effect of calming and calming chronic anxiety. A very effective homeopathic solution which contains a beautiful choice of plants.

So ready to start?

*If in doubt, do not hesitate to seek advice from a health professional.

Did you like this article?

Did you like this article?

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