Healthy and natural gifts to celebrate the holiday season!

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le 02 Dec 2019

What better than to wish your loved ones, health for the new year? No more useless gifts piled up at the bottom of the cupboard, finished last-minute failed purchases … This year we bet on the natural, gifts that are as pleasant to buy as they are to receive! So, to prepare the holiday season serenely, let us guide you in our selection of gifts, that will seduce the whole family. This year, we choose Aromatherapy with Essencia!

Aromatherapy is the therapeutic approach of healing and taking care of yourself using Essential Oils. They are, as their name suggests, the essence of a plant. Essential Oils contain an infinity of active molecules, giving them considerable virtues: relaxing, stimulating, antiviral, antifungal, digestive, decongestant…

Well chosen, well used and well associated, their properties are numerous! But beware, to enjoy the benefits of Aromatherapy, select your Essential Oils carefully.

Our Essencia Essential Oils, are 100% pure and natural, adapt to different uses (compresses, diffusion, massage, ointment …) and guarantee you an optimal efficiency. When you know all the health benefits that Essencia Essential Oils provide, you will see that it would be a real shame to miss out…

So, to make your loved ones benefit from the virtues of Aromatherapy, we have selected for you 4 holiday gift ideas, that will be sure to please! Essential Oils, Fine Fragrances & Diffusers … This year, Santa’s bag will be filled with Essencia products!

Our Essencia gift ideas, for the whole family

Idea 1

Christmas Magic Giftset with Essential Oils

Ideal to start in Aromatherapy or to complete a collection, this box is perfect for anyone who wants to make themselves natural skin care and cosmetic products, or simply make their interior pleasant and warm! There are 3 Essential Oils, essential to finish (and start) the year in health.

Scotch Pine Pure Essential Oil relieves congestion of the respiratory tract and helps to say goodbye to colds, bronchitis or other winter diseases.

Cinnamon Pure Essential Oil, it is an oil with very powerful anti-infectious properties. It acts against bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi.

Cedar Atlas Pure Essential Oil is decongestant, making it a great ally against cellulite and water retention! It also invites relaxation and meditation.

Idea 2

Christmas Magic Giftset Trio Fine Fragrances

Essencia Fine Fragrances are made from Natural Essential Oils and carefully selected synthetic aromatic substances. They are composed of a top note, heart and background notes, for a unique and pleasant scent. All are recommended for external use only.

You can use them to make skin care and homemade cosmetics (soaps, creams, scrubs, bath bombs …), but also in the manufacturing of candles, potpourri, or even diffusion!

A box with 3 Fine Fragrances with delicious scents, which, during the holidays, will transform your interior into a true space of relaxation and well-being. It is also ideal for the whole winter period.

Fine Fragrance n°22, Apple-Cinnamon
Find the delicate fruity and sweet scent of crunchy MacIntosh apples, sprinkled with a spicy and sweet blend of cinnamon and nutmeg.

Fine Fragrance n°23, Vanilla
Enjoy a sweet and delicious fragrance with a refined vanilla heart note.  

– Fine Fragrance n°25, Christmas Magic
As its name suggests, get a perfect blend of the olfactory accents of the holiday season.

Idea 3

Natural Bamboo Diffuser
This diffuser will delight all those who want to make their home a place of relaxation and well-being! Thanks to the discreet and easy-to-use bamboo diffuser, you will enjoy the pleasant scents and benefits of Essencia Essential Oils and Fine Fragrances. We bet that once this diffuser is on, you will not want to leave your cocoon!

Panda Aromatherapy Kid’s Diffuser
Finally, our last suggestion of ​​natural Christmas presents is this amazing diffuser with its playful panda design, it will surely melt the hearts of little ones (and grown-ups alike!).

Design Aromatherapy Diffuser
This very popular diffuser will decorate your interior while diffusing the aromatherapeutic benefits of your favorite Essential Oils and the delicious smells of Essencia Fragrances.

Idea 4

Do It Yourself Kit
To accompany these gift ideas, these boxes are the best. They contain the empty bottles, jars and roll-ons that are perfect to create DIY homemade cosmetics and skincare products!

Simple gestures for a natural Christmas!

These gift ideas are a great way to spend more enjoyable and natural holidays. And for them to be even better, for you and for the planet, here are some smart tips:

Opt for a tree with low environmental impact, grown locally and intended for this purpose. Or, better yet, crack for a more modern tree, such as a wooden tree, sublime and reusable for many years!

Choose low-power illuminations, such as LEDs.

Use newspaper to wrap your gifts and avoid waste or test the “furoshiki” method, a Japanese technique that consists of wrapping presents in beautiful fabrics (well, it takes a bit of practice, but the result is worth it!)

Enjoy organic and / or local food for the Christmas meal

Create your own decorations: pine cones, salt dough, salvage … Use your imagination for a unique and eco-friendly decor!

Recycle and reuse: After the holiday season, take the time to sort out what you can keep and what to throw away. For what you need to put in the trash, do not forget to sort the garbage!

So, on what natural gifts will you crack this year? To offer or to be offered, they will make your holidays a real moment of sharing and well-being!

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