Homeopathic remedies for muscle and joint pain

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Homeopathic medicine provides an alternative approach to curing rheumatic pains and other body pains with natural substances. While doctors prescribe over-the counter-drugs and more potent medications for joint pains, there are alternative homeopathic treatments. If you are looking for homeopathic remedies for muscle and joint pain, you are at the right place!

List of remedies that can reduce your muscle pain

If you find yourself stuck with pain, it is crucial to know which homeopathic remedies for muscle and joint pain can help you deal with it:

  • Arnica
  • Bryonia
  • Calcarea Carbonica
  • Pulsatilla
  • Ledum
  • Rhus tox
  • Aconitum napellus
  • Belladonna
  • Calcarea phosphorica
  • Apis mellificaArnica


The arnica flower is a yellow flower that looks like a daisy. Also known as the wolf or leopard’s bane or mountain arnica, the flower grows in Canada, East Asia, the USA and Europe perennially.

For centuries, a diluted form of the arnica flower has been used to treat rheumatic arthritis, inflammation, muscle and joint pain, among other ailments.

Like other substances used for homeopathic treatment, this herb is administered in a diluted form to promote the body’s healing. It can be administered in the form of a tincture, capsule or pill. No matter the form it is taken in, arnica is one of the best homeopathic remedies for muscle and joint pain that can help reduce inflammation.


This plant has been used as a homeopathic remedy to relieve multiple symptoms, including fluid retention and arthritis. While there are multiple species of the Bryonia family, Bryonia alba is the species used for homeopathic tonics.

Calcarea Carbonica

This is one of the most vital homeopathic medicines that can be used for rheumatoid arthritis, especially knee joint pain. It is derived from the oyster shell’s soft white middle layer. It is used to cure deep, severe pain in the joints that gets worse in cold weather and when someone gets up from a sitting position.


Pulsatilla is used to treat rheumatic pain that shifts from one joint to another unpredictably. In most cases, this pain manifests in the knees, hips and heels.


This homeopathic solution is used for arthritis that affects the lower joints and extends to higher joints. The pain treated by Ledum often starts from the toes, spreading out to the ankles and finally the knees. The joints usually make cracking sounds and are usually hot and painful.

Rhus tox

This homeopathic solution is great for acute pain in the muscle that starts when moving and is then improved by slow motion. It is mostly associated with the healing of sore muscles as a result of weightlifting.

Aconitum napellus

This plant-based remedy is good for inflammation and pain that comes from exposure to cold weather and wind. Therefore, if you have joints pain to severe joint pains, this is one of the homeopathic medicines worth looking into.


Belladonna is used to treating the tenderness and swelling of joints. It works on painful, stiff joints that are red and inflamed and hot.

Calcarea phosphorica

This remedy relieves soreness and stiffness of joints that come as a result of cold and drafts. Usually, the patient will feel an ache in the bones, be tired and feel worse if they exert themselves.

Apis mellifica

This homeopathic remedy is good for joint pain that exhibits itchiness, stinging pain and cold compresses.

What are the symptoms for muscle and joint pain?

Joint and muscle pain resulting from wear and tear of muscles or excess pressure exerted on joints. When these two things happen, the victim is likely to experience a range of symptoms, including:

    • Chronic pain
    • Swelling
    • Muscle cramps
    • Joint immobility
    • Joint deformity

What are muscle cramps? 

Muscle cramps present an obstacle against you living a normal life. There are a number of causes for the cramps, but the common one is dehydration. Patients who suffer from this have a tough time getting anything done. If you ever find yourself experiencing persistent muscle cramps, Homeocan’s products provide the best solution for your condition.

Difference between muscle and joint pain

Because joint and muscle pain affects the same body parts, it can be difficult to tell them apart. However, we can help you differentiate between these two types of pain, so you know how to handle them best.

Muscle Pain

Muscle pain affects the muscles of the human body and results from repeated stretching or sudden movements. These usually occur during intensive activities such as sports practice. Muscle joints tend to be more intense when the muscles are not used to that kind of movement.

Muscle pain manifests as pain, cramp or ache and is caused by the inflammation of the muscle. You will not feel any muscle pain when you are resting and will only feel it when you are using your muscle. If the inflammation is severe, you may find it difficult to use the injured limb for a certain period. The pain could last a few seconds to several months, depending on whether it is something as simple as a cramp or a more serious muscle breakdown.

Joint Pain

On the other hand, joint pain is what you feel when the body is static at rest, unlike muscle pain. The aging of the body usually triggers this type of pain.

Joints bind the bones together and protect them from hits such as knocks. These joints are surrounded by cartilage with ligaments that connect the bones and synovial fluid that promote motion and fluidity. Unfortunately, the body age, and in the process, the joints age too. This means that the bones are less protected as the body ages, and the result is discomfort and pain in rotation points such as ankles, elbows, and wrists.

It is normal for joint pain to happen occasionally for no reason. However, these pains disappear in a matter of days. In other cases, especially in the case of shock, the pain can last weeks or months.

What are the homeopathic remedies for muscle and joint pain?

The homeopathic remedies for muscle and joint pain offer an alternative from conventional medication. This type of medicine is suitable for relieving patients from both short and long-term pain. The medicines are manufactured from natural ingredients that work to relive patients from pain and maintain healthy joints and muscles.

Homeopathic remedy for muscle pain relief

Herbal cough and cold syrup for kids: Perfect for kids. This syrup will relieve cough and flu symptoms, including chest muscle pain in children. Can be taken in combination with conventional medical treatment. Best taken before the flu.

Price: $8.94

Dosage: 1/2 teaspoon six times a day for children between 0 and 6 years, and one tablespoon six times a day for children between 7 and 9.

Homeopathic medicine for leg muscle pain

Arnica Pain Relief: this homeopathic medicine offers patients with a pain relief for sore muscles and any joint paints that they may be experiencing. It offers a quick and effective solution that may last as long as you use it. Using this medication also provides an excellent solution against minor bruises, strains, traumas and other types of muscle pain.

Price: $11.79

Dosage: apply a thin layer of arnica on the affected area and rub three times daily.

Homeopathic remedy for sore muscles

Traumacare Cream: this medicine offers relief from pain that a patient suffers from daily activities. Application of the traumacare cream is an effective alternative that should work for you if conventional medicines are ineffective. This solution helps patients do away with muscle and joint pains that can be a nuisance and hinder them from living a normal lifestyle.

Price: $31.49

Dosage: apply a thin layer of traumacare on the painful muscles 3 times a day. Massage the affected area for effective results.

Homeocoksinum: One of the main symptoms of the flu include muscle soreness. This solution is a flu buster that will help the entire family get relief from flu symptoms/ Thankfully, Homeocoksinum is non-habit forming and non-drowsy while remaining impressive.

Price: $16.11

Dosage: When you first feel the soreness and other signs of the flu, empty the contents of the tube under your tongue and let it melt. Do this once to thrice a day outside of meals every eight hours. Suitable for children over 12 and adults.

Homeopathic medicine for muscle cramps

No.8 Magnesia Phosphorica: this homeopathic remedy relieves patients from any muscle cramps that they might be experiencing. It achieves this by improving the physical resistance within muscles. Ultimately, patients when their nerves develop a relaxed feeling that does away with the muscle cramps.

Price: $6.41

Dosage: chew 2 tablets three times daily.

Homeopathic remedy for sore muscles after a workout

Essential oils spray by Traumacare: this homeopathic medicine is the best solution to use after a session at the gym. It relieves you from the pain of sore muscles, leaving you refreshed for other activities. Pain relief is offered through a rapid system that works across muscle areas of your body including your back, any strains and even around the lumbago region.

Price: $15.74

Dosage: apply a thin layer of the essential oil on the affected area three or four times a day. Massage it into your skin gently until the solution disappears.

Homeopathic medicine for muscle power

Peppermint Pure E.O. 15 ml: this oil is a homeopathic solution that has various benefits to the patients. You can count on it to provide you muscle power needed to complete any energy needed task. It acts as a general stimulant and should get the muscles energetic and ready to work.

Price: $11.15

Dosage: usage of this homeopathic solution is as instructed by your physician.

Copper-Gold-Silver combination pellets: this is a remedy that helps with both the prevention and alleviation of flu symptoms, including weakness of the immune system and even muscles. It can be used by both children and adults.

Price: $7.31

Dosage: one teaspoon in the morning in a little water.

Thymo Protection from Homeocan: this homeopathic remedy is meant to strengthen the immune system and your muscles. It works on the thymus glands and helps fight both bacterial and viral infections.

Price: $14.31

Dosage: good for children over 12 and adults: Let the contents of the tube melt under your tongue once a week for six weeks.

Homeopathic remedies for muscle and joint pain are good for treating your pain, especially in cases where conventional pain relief measures have failed. These remedies are always diluted, and the presence of the herbal remedies is in low amounts, making them safe for the body.

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Did you like this article?

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