How to naturally improve your child’s sleep?

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le 01 Sep 2019

Some children have difficulty falling asleep and staying that way  through the night. Which can have a negative impact on the child’s dailys life. We will learn more about sleep disorders and their consequences and deal with them naturally. 

Learn more about sleep disorders, their consequences and natural ways to make them disappear…

Sleep disorders in children

Everyones body uses the circadian method, which is based on a 24 hour cycle that regulates our bodies during the day and night. 

However sometimes this cycle can be disrupted by many external factors. Children are particularly sensitive to these disruptions because they do not control their environment .

These are some of the factors that can disrupt a childs sleep.

  • Diseases of the ENT or digestive sphere
  •  Changes in the daily schedule (sleep  travel sickness)
  • lifestyle (diet too sweet, lack of physical activity, blue lights before bedtime …)
  • their bedroom  (temperature, lights, noise …)
  • Family or school issues (disputes, illnesses, bad report cards …)

Causes of sleep disorders
When a child is confronted with one or more of these external factors, their  sleep can be affected in several ways:

Difficulty falling asleep
The child is reluctant to go to bed or tosses and turns . Or is overtired and crys.

Dreams and nightmares are a way for the child’s brain to integrate all the information received during the day. However, if nightmares are happening way too much and result in not being able to fall asleep , they can affect the quality of sleep.

Night terrors
Night terrors take place during the phases of deep sleep and without the child waking up. However, like nightmares, they can make it harder for them to get back to bed.

The effects of sleep disorders on your toddler

If your child has one or more of these sleep disorders, it is necessary to identify the causes. Indeed, if these disorders last for a long period of time  consequences can impact your toddlers day and their development.

All of these factors can have an impact on the quality of sleep and sleep in children, generating feelings of discomfort, stress or anxiety.

If your child has one or more of these sleep disorders, it is necessary to identify the causes. Indeed, if these disorders last for a long period of time  consequences can impact your toddlers day and their development.

 Bad sleep can cause:

  • Irritability (bad mood, crying, screaming …)
  • Excessive agitation
  • Problems of memory and concentration
  • A demotivation for everyday activities
  • A decrease in reflexes
  • A weakening of the immune system

Poor sleep can have a significant impact on the child’s daily life, but also on yours. A child who does not sleep properly will tend to be more difficult to manage, which can quickly be exhausting, both psychologically and physically.

Our natural tips to improve your child’s sleep

Heureusement, des astuces et remèdes simples et naturels existent pour aider votre enfant à mieux dormir !

Set up a sleep routine

To help the child regulate his circadian cycle, it is necessary to set a fixed bedtime and stick with it all week long even the weekends.

Watch for naps

A child may need to nap  up to 5 years old . However, from the age of 3, it is preferable that they not nap after 4 pm. 

Use of Natural Remedies

Some natural remedies are great for promoting quality sleep in children. You can choose Kids 0-9 Calm Syrup these two products will help the child fall asleep  through the night.

Television, telephone, tablets …) can disrupt the production of the sleep hormone, melatonin. So take the items listed above  away 2 or 3 hours before bed 

Create an atmosphere conducive to sleep

Make sure your child’s room is calm, cool and dark. You can use Essential Oils, such as Lavender Pure Essential Oil, which will help relieve stress and help them fall asleep.. Use a good diffuser to enjoy all its benefits.

With these natural and easy-to-use tips, you can help your help your child get quality sleep and get the most out of their day!

Did you like this article?

Did you like this article?

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