Natural and organic baby care: discover Le Petit Prince baby products

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le 23 Aug 2020

Recently, a new line appeared on our Homeocan online store: Le Petit Prince. Inspired by the famous novel by Saint Exupéry, it offers organic products to care for babies, naturally…

Which products are in Le Petit Prince line?

Le Petit Prince is made up of 8 products, especially designed for the needs of children from a very young age. In this line you will find:  

In Canada, all these products are only available at Homeocan.

Why you should choose Le Petit Prince?

Other than its adorable packaging, which will certainly appeal to children and adults, it evokes the beautiful history of Saint Exupéry, the Le Petit Prince line of products has many other advantages…

In fact; here is what these products are made from:

  • Organic, natural and high quality, Cosmos Organic certified: to offer the best and the healthiest to your child.
  • Clinically tested: to guarantee the safe use of these products.
  • 100% natural origin perfume: for light and ultra-pleasant scents
  • Dye-free, without GMO and parabens: to keep only the best in baby care!

Le Petit Prince is also a novel that highlights about keeping your childhood soul, choosing with your heart, taking time for yourself…

Values shared by Homeocan and conveyed in this line of simple and gentle products.

Calendula, the flagship ingredient of the Le Petit Prince line of products…

Calendula, a flagship ingredient in natural medicine is found in all the products of Le Petit Prince line. It has moisturizing, repairing and anti-inflammatory properties. Calendula is therefore an ideal ingredient for taking care of baby’s skin on a daily basis…

To learn more about this little yellow flower, see this article!

Integrate the line of Le Petit Prince in your baby’s daily routine

Le Petit Prince line of products has been created to accompany children throughout the day. At all times, your little ones deserve the best, the healthiest of everything…

At bath time, choose the Skin Protective Wash. Its ingredients guarantee a gentle cleanse without altering the physiological balance of your little ones’ fragile skin.

This gentle wash can be accompanied by the Tear Free Mild Shampoo. It cleanses gently without irritating the skin or the eyes.

After the bath, share a moment of relaxation with your baby by gently massaging with the Moisturizing Body Cream. This body cream protects, maintains and softens the skin, for a feeling of well-being and comfort.

As your days may be filled with changing diapers, always keep the Nappy Change Moisturizing Cream nearby! This cream helps prevents redness and irritation, while protecting baby’s skin.

As for the other products in Le Petit Prince line, they will find their way in your daily routine! Gentle baby bath, relaxing oil, laundry detergent, baby bottle cleanser….

Choose what is simple and efficient to care of your little treasures.

Did you like this article?

Did you like this article?

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