7 natural products to help you feel good in your body all summer long

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le 15 Jun 2023

We can’t wait for summer! All the sunny days, beach outings, BBQs, moments outdoors… To help you enjoy all the things summer has to offer, discover our selection of natural and homeopathic must-haves. 

Here are our favourite products that will help you feel good all summer long.


1. Increase collagen production

Biosil® is a collagen generator, meaning that it doesn’t contain collagen but rather stimulates its production. Collagen helps the skin stay hydrated, preserve its elasticity, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and strengthen hair and nails. A great product to help you feel your absolute best all summer long!


BIOSIL® | Collagen Generator


2. Purify your skin

Our ultra-ventilated green montmorillonite clay from France is made with 100% natural ingredients rich in trace elements and mineral salts. Effective for face, body and scalp, it can be used as a mask, poultice or in a bath. Get inspired by our recipes to purify your skin and say goodbye to imperfections! 

Clay Green Montmorillonite Ultra-Ventilated

Clay Green Montmorillonite Ultra-Ventilated 300 g | Argile Clay


3. Soften dry and irritated skin

Is the sun drying and irritating your skin? Our organic sweet almond essential oil is exactly what you need! With its softening properties, essential fatty acids, minerals and vitamins, this product helps keep your skin healthy and naturally beautiful.

The Sweet Almond Essential Organic Oil


4. Improve skin elasticity

Are you familiar with cryotherapy? It’s a process that relies on cold therapy to burn fat, reduce the appearance of cellulite and improve skin elasticity. Our Cryoshape body gel uses ingredients such as menthol and alcohol that lower the skin’s temperature and stimulate fat cells, while pink pepper finishes the treatment by attacking them. Apply it regularly in the morning or at night and feel good in your body!

Cryoshape | Océalgue


5. Firmer-looking skin

Ready to reveal your summer shape? Our VoluShape cream targets certain parts of the body,  specifically your breasts and buttocks, giving them a firmer look. Made  with a combination of natural extracts rich in carotenoids, flavonoids and vitamins, this product is natural, effective and clinically proven! See results in only 14 days of use! 


VoluShape | Océalgue

VoluShape | Océalgue


6. Balance your appetite

Want to start summer with a sense of lightness? Our Weight Control homeopathic pellets are specially designed to reduce cravings and balance your appetite. These will naturally help you improve your digestion to facilitate weight loss and allow you to feel better in your body.

Weight Control | Combination Pellets 4g


7.  A delicate atmosphere

Create a cozy and soothing atmosphere for  your meditation sessions, yoga workout or simply to relax before bed with our N°8 Summer Rain fragrance. The sweet smell of lily of the valley and hyacinth will automatically  take you away, especially when used in a diffuser.

N°8 Summer Rain 15ml | Fragrance Essencia


In addition to these must-have products, remember to stay hydrated, especially during hot weather and exercise, and always protect your skin from the sun. With lots of fruits and vegetables growing during the summer, it’s also the perfect time to fill up on vitamins!

Summer is also the perfect season to take some time for yourself and look after your physical and mental health. Take it easy and make yourself the priority!


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