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With every new season, signs of respiratory problems make their debut: the arrival of fall heralds in the first cold and flu viruses and the coming of spring is often synonymous with allergies. Here you can find a selection of the best natural remedies to treat ENT allergies like hay fever, sinusitis and cough, as well as those found in the respiratory tract such as asthma and bronchitis.

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  • Ocean Pine Pure E.O. 15 ml | Essencia

  • Euphrasia Officinalis | Homeocan Lab

  • Allium Cepa: A Homeopathic Remedy For Targeted Symptoms

  • Balsam Fir Pure E.O. 15 ml | Essencia

  • Sanguinaria Canadensis | Granules Unitaires

  • Allium Sativum | Homeocan Lab

  • Thuja Pure E.O. 15 ml | Essencia

  • Spongia Tosta | Homeocan Lab

  • Eupatorium Perfoliatum | Homeocan Lab

  • Calcarea Carbonica | Pellets

  • Rubus Fruticosus Organic 60 ml | Gemmo Professional

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