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From the larger branch of phytotherapy, gemmotherapy is a therapeutic approach that uses extracts from freshly-picked plant bud. Its name is derived from the Latin word, “gemmae,” meaning “bud.” Gemmotherapy uses only the embryonic tissues of fresh plants. Discover over 50 certified organic gemmotherapy remedies that naturally treat a wide range of everyday symptoms.

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  • Betula Alba Organic 60 ml | Gemmo Professional

  • Ilex Aquifolium Organic 60 ml | Gemmo Professional

  • Offer – Sinus | Combination Pellets 4 g ***Double pack***

  • Lonicera Nigra Organic 60 ml | Gemmo Professional

  • Walnut 30 ml| Nutri-Sélect

  • Palma Rosa Pure E.O 15 ml | Essencia

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