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Homeopathy is an alternative medicine based on active plant, animal or mineral products. Homeopathy encourages paths of healing that are natural to the body by taking into consideration the personality, response, family history and environment of the affected person so that balance can be restored. Working hand in hand with traditional medicine, homeopathy is an all natural, side effect free alternative approach to health for the whole family.

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  • SkinVet 60 ml | HomeoVet Horse

  • Caulophyllum | Thalactroides Pellets

  • Homeophyt’herbs Z-NI-CO Lettuce 3×4 g | Nature Beauté Santé

  • Homeophyt’herbs CHR Maté 3×4 g | Nature Beauté Santé

  • NEW! NASALYA Drinkable Solution Unit-Doses for Cold Symptoms | Kids 0-9

  • Homeophyt’herbs COB Lentil 3×4 g | Nature Beauté Santé

  • LustreVet 60 ml | HomeoVet Horse

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