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Azulene Body Care Oil, natural relief

Azulene Body Care Oil contains all of the virtues of Camomile. It has been traditionally used in relieving inflammation.
Used in small quantities in cosmetic products, Azulene is thought to help skin and mucous membrane inflammation.
Best suited for:
– sensitive skins
– fragile skins (burns, sunburn, dermatitis, etc.)
– mature skins
– children’s skins

Our Body Care Oils are composed of precious oils from the flowered somites of plants recognized for their health virtues. We combined them with organic high quality natural Vegetable Oils and Essential Oils. These are extracted mechanically and pressed without the use of chemical solvents. They contain no additives or preservatives.

A Vegetable Oil is used in different ways depending on the desired effect. Check the posology tab below in order to learn about how to use the Azulene Body Care Oil.

Format: Bottle of 100 ml

Azulene Body Care Oil
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Azulene Body Care Oil may not be suitable for you. It’s important to always read the label and follow the directions for use. Anyone who wishes to follow the advice contained in the posology tab without their doctor’s approval is making a personal choice, which is their inviolable right. In such cases, Homeocan waives all liability.

Grapeseed Organic Vegetable Oil, German Camomile Essential Oil (Matricaria recutita), Vitamin E

Can be used directly on the skin to get benefits from the properties of Vegetable Oil
Can be used as a carrier oil, you can add 5-10 drops of Essential Oil to 100 ml of Vegetable Oil to benefit at the same time of their properties on your skin
Can be used in massage oil on the parts of the body concerned.
Keep refrigerated to prolong its shelf life.

Do not use on children under 2 years of age.
Always test the product on a small part of the skin before applying to large areas.
Do not use orally.
Avoid all contact with the eyes and mucous membranes; if it shoul occur, rinse abundantly with vegetable oil.
Keep out of the reach of children.
In case of accidental ingestion, seek emergency medical attention or call a Poison Control Center.