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Are you looking for a natural solution for your respiratory problems? Look no further, Narrow-leaf Eucalyptus essential oil will provide relief!

Premium quality aromatherapy.

The essential oil of Narrow-Leaf Eucalyptus has expectorant properties. It also helps with respiratory problems and allergic rhinitis. This respiratory decongestant is a valuable ally against the flu and other viral infections. It decongests the nose gently and facilitates breathing.

An essential oil is used in different ways depending on the desired effect. Check the posology tab below in order to learn about how to use the Narrow-Leaf Eucalyptus E.O.

Format: 15 ml bottle.

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This product may not be suitable for you. It’s important to always read the label and follow the directions for use. Anyone who wishes to follow the advice contained in the posology tab without their doctor’s approval is making a personal choice, which is their inviolable right. In such cases, Homeocan waives all liability.

  • Botanical Name: Eucalyptus Radiata
  • Botanical Family: Myrtaceae
  • Origin: Australia
  • Part used: Leaves
  • Expectorant and upper respiratory tract antiseptic: Cold & sinusitis (B-C-D-M-O)

B = Bath: 10-15 essential oil drops in 3 ml Emulcia.
C = Compress: 4 to 6 essential oil drops in a bowl of hot or cold water.
D = Diffuse: 20 to 30 essential oil drops, 10 to 15 minutes per day.
M = Massage: 12 to 15 essential oil drops in 30 ml of sweet almond oil.
O = Ointment / lotion: 25 essential oil drops in 60g of gel or neutral lotion.

External use only.
Do not use internally without advice from a medical doctor or a professional aromatherapist.
Do not use orally
Avoid contact with eyes and membranes; if necessary, rinse thoroughly with vegetable oil.
Keep out of reach of children.
NEVER pour Essential Oil directly into your bath for risk of severe burns.


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