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A natural bamboo diffuser to combine well-being and aromatherapy

With this natural bamboo diffuser, spread an healthy and pleasant scented atmosphere. This Aromatherapy diffuser is ultrasonic.
Meaning that there is no heat involved, just cold to preserve the properties of Essentials Oils and the fine odor of Fragrances.

Place it in the rooms you wish and enjoy it!

You can diffuse :
– Essential oils
Some Essential Oils can be diffused, so that their natural properties are spread in the atmosphere of your home.
So every members family can benefit its. It is the combination of good and natural odors and their respective virtues that makes it a recommended use. (See posology of each oil to ensure good practices)
– Fragrances
To simply make the ambiance of your home scented and hide bad smells.

Capacity : 200ml

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  • Connect the DC port to the DC slot of the base.
  • Take off the cover.
  • Add water into the tank, don’t exceed the max 200ML.
  • Add some essential oils into the water tank (2-3 drops per 1 00ML)
  • Re-install the cover.
  • Connect the AC adaptor into the water tank to the power socket.


  • First press the unit enters into continuous mist mode. (Indicator lights)
  • Second press, the unit enters into intermittent mist mode.(work 30s, stop 30s, recycle) (lndicator flashes)
  • Third press, turn off the unit.(Long press can turn off the unit at any mode)


  • First press, turn on the light and there are 7 colors changing automatically.
  • Second press, pause on current color.
  • Third press, move to next color and brightness can be adjusted by press again. Light can work alone when the unit is off.
  • Please use other container to add water. Don’t fill in the tank from water-tap directly.
  • Pure essential oils or oils which can be soluble into water are available for use. Please clean the unit as per the maintenance instructions before changing a new type of essential oil.
  • It is quite normal that different humidity environment and temperature will affect the mist density.
  • Do not let the mist spray to the furniture, clothes, wall directly.
  • The essential oils may cause dye. Please use clean cloth wipe up if splashed out accidentally.
  • To ensure the sanitation, please pour out the water completely and wipe up the unit with soft cloth after each use.
  • If you don’t use the unit for a long time, please pour out any remaining water completely in the tank and store it at dry place.
  • When the power connects, the unit original state is OFF.
  • If there is short of water in the tank, even though the power connects, the unit will shut automatically. Meanwhile, all functions will be off .