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A Valentine Day giftset of 3 Fragrances Essencia

To celebrate love, find all the love and sensual magic in this Valentine Day giftset of Essencia Fragrances. Enrich you with delicate and passionate perfumes of this beautiful giftset to offer or for yourself, this trio will aromatize your home!

It is composed of 3 Essencia Fragrances in 15 ml format:
-N°21 Seduction
From this fragrance emanates of the white flower Gardenia that symbolizes love and harmony and grace. This sweet fragrance captures the exuberance and seductive scent of this romantic flower.
This product evokes olfactory notes that bring sweetness, sensuality and seduction, for a moment!
N°11 Musk
This perfume is a traditional musk, deep and masculine scent with aphrodisiac properties. This fragrance evokes musk olfactory notes that give depth, intensity and roundness to your indoor comfort! Perfect for the beautiful summer evenings.
N°24 Passion Exotica
This Fragrance emanates a colorful and fruity fragrance that gives the sensation of waking up in the tropics. This product combines an exotic blend of green notes, coconut, sweet fruit and vanilla. A fragrance that awakens the senses and make you run into the world of dreams and travel!

The Fragrances we offer are concentrated fragrances of cosmetic quality. These fragrances can be used on the skin, on condition of being well diluted beforehand in vegetable oil, a lotion, etc. (see Posology tab).

Ideas – Suggested Uses

Valentine DayCreate a scented atmosphere, and why not homemade candles?
Valentine DayCleanse and refresh the air pleasantly, nothing like traditional potpourri!
Valentine DayKeep a pleasant and healthy atmosphere, focus on the aroma diffuser!

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Made in Canada.

Fragrances are made from natural Essential Oils and synthetic aromatic substances. Some fragrances may contain more than one hundred odoriferous substances, and consist of a top, heart and bottom note.

Fragrances are recommended for external use in the following applications:

– Soaps, shampoos, bubble baths, body sprays
– Creams, lotions, conditioners, scrubs.
– Bath oils, massage oils, scented oils
– Bath salts, sugar and salt exfoliants, bath bombs.
– Potpourris, sachets, room fragrances

Do you know fragrances are not soluble in water? Indeed, they must be solubilized before incorporating them into a water-based product. Emulcia is used for this purpose. Emulcia is a non-ionic , fatty, yellow surfactant and emulsifier used to solubilize Essential Oils and fragrances to facilitate their dispersion in water-based products.

> Pour 2 to 8 drops of these Fragrances into 3 ml of Emulcia before adding it to a water-based product.

– Inedible fragrance
– For external use only
– Avoid contact with the eyes, if necessary rinse thoroughly with vegetable oil
– In case of irritation, contact your health care professional and a poison control center if swallowed
– Keep out of the reach of children