Seasonal depression: how can we avoid it?

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le 10 Nov 2022

The sun sets earlier, the cold settles in: as winter approaches, moments of depression are more likely to occur. From late fall till spring, many people feel tired, stressed or even depressed. This is what we call the winter blues, or seasonal depression when symptoms are more severe. What are the triggers for these feelings and, more importantly, how can we cure them naturally?

Causes of seasonal depression

While the origins of seasonal depression remain unclear, this issue is very often linked to the lack of natural light. Not to mention Canada’s long winter!

Depending on the time of day, our bodies produce various hormones. For example, melatonin is a hormone that helps regulate our biological clock and depends mainly on daylight exposure. As daylight decreases, fatigue becomes more prevalent and can even manifest itself as soon as we wake up.

Along with fatigue, stress and anxiety are other factors that can play an important role in the severity of seasonal depression.

In Quebec, about 20% of the population suffers from seasonal depression.

What are the symptoms for seasonal depression?

Several symptoms may indicate that you’re experiencing seasonal depression, here are a few to look out for.

  • Mood swings and/or moodiness during the day.
  • Fatigue and/or lack of energy.
  • Loss of motivation and/or difficulty focusing.
  • Increased appetite and/or craving for sugar and starchy foods (which can lead to a rapid weight gain).
  • Sleep disorders.


Some with severe symptoms can see their work life being affected, going as far as having to take time off. If you see yourself dipping into this state year after year during the cold season, you may be experiencing seasonal depression.

Natural and homeopathic remedies to prevent winter blues & seasonal depression

To overcome these problems and promote inner peace, there are some homeopathic remedies that contribute to your overall emotional balance.


Our Fatigue Pellets are exactly what you need to help you reduce symptoms such as nervous fatigue, restlessness and tiredness. They help lessen exhaustion, by acting in harmony with your body to increase physical and intellectual resistance. Made without caffeine, these pellets will give you the energy to get through the season, despite the lack of light!

Sleep disorder

The Homeocan Insomnia Pellets are entirely composed of remedies with naturally calming and sedative properties. These granules will help you enjoy a restful, peaceful and deep sleep. They also relieve associated symptoms such as irritability, anxiety, fatigue or moodiness, which can be felt several times a day.

Another good alternative for a peaceful and restful sleep, is our Passiflora Insomnia Drops from the Homeocan Professional range. As we know, quality sleep also means better focus and memory, as well as low irritability!

Stress and anxiety

The Stress Pellets help reduce naturally all the effects of stress. Your homeopathic ally to fight restlessness, physical anxiety and even nervous insomnia!

Oligocan Magnesium Complex, on the other hand,  is a powerful ally to help return to a normal state of “internal tension.” Magnesium and Oligotherapy plays an extensive role in energy production and on the immune system to combat stress of any kind. Which is why it is particularly recommended for cases of seasonal depression, mild anxiety, nervousness and stress. These conditions are often the consequences (or even the cause) of temporary fatigue, for which magnesium is very effective.

5 tips to improve your well-being daily

There are many other natural and effective ways to ease your symptoms in case of winter blues or seasonal depression. Here are five simple and easy ways to increase your overall well-being.

Get outdoors!

If the lack of natural light impacts your mood, it’s important to get fresh air whenever the opportunity arises! It’s ideal to get outside for at least 30 minutes to one hour a day. Even on gray and overcast days the effects of sunlight are more beneficial outdoors than inside.

In addition, using light therapy is a great way to compensate for the short hours of sunshine.

Do sports!

Exercise is one of the main antidotes to depressive states—as well as many health disorders in general. By moving, the production of endorphins increases in your body, which helps alleviate temporary depression or winter blues moments. Doing yoga, skying, jogging or simply walking: choose an activity you like and do it on a regular basis! To add a touch of fun, opt for an outdoor activity and enjoy the fresh air.

Practice self-care!

Enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy and essential oils to relax at the end of the day or before going to bed. Some of them are indispensable to help improve your mood when afflicted with seasonal depression. Sweet Orange Pure Essential Oil is great to calm stress and facilitates sleep. On the other hand, True Lavender Essential Oil helps restore balance to the nervous system and encourages relaxation.

Make sure to stock up on foods that contain various vitamins and minerals! These are essential to proper functioning and can prevent sweet cravings.

Nothing like socializing to get through the winter with a smile! Take advantage of cold winter evenings to host friends or go play sports outdoors with them.


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Did you like this article?

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