Time change and its effects on the body

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le 06 Nov 2022

When it comes time to change the hour, many of us wonder whether Daylight Saving Time is beneficial or not and how it affects our body.

Since 1963, time change goes into effect every Fall! And this change can impact the body in ways that are difficult to bear. Here are some tips to help you live better during this period.

What are the effects of Daylight saving time on our body?

To better understand the effects of time change on our body, we must know that our “biological clock”, which regulates our daily needs, operates in cycles of 24 hours and is based mainly on sunlight. When there’s a time change, our rhythm is disrupted and this can have consequences such as; difficulty sleeping, insomnia, irritability, lack of focus and fatigue.

While some may not experience any particular symptoms, others lifestyle can be disrupted for days or even weeks. Elders, babies and children are often the most affected by time change, their schedules being generally more fixed and important for their daily life.

3 natural remedies to cope with time change!

The good news is that there are natural remedies that can help us cope during this delicate period. We have selected 3 well adapted products to accompany your entire family:

Insomnia Passiflora

Insomnia Passiflora: these drops are to be taken 1 hour before bedtime and are an excellent ally to improve the quality of your sleep, that is not habit forming. The secret of this remedy is Passionflower, a plant recognized by ESCOP (European Scientific Cooperative Phytotherapy) to relieve sleep disorders and soothe stress.

Insomnie Passiflora produit

Alfalfa Tonic

Alfalfa Tonic: this natural remedy helps relieve the fatigue and mood disorders that can occur with time change. It contains Alfalfa, a revitalizing and remineralizing plant, Avena sativa, used against nervous fatigue, and cinnamon, which can reduce physical fatigue.

Tonique Alfalfa produit

Sirop Calme 0 – 9 ans

Kids 0-9 Calm Syrup: Just like us, our little ones are also affected by time change. We thought of them with this syrup that will help soothe their agitation and irritability. No added sugar, no side effects and 100% natural.

Sirop Calme Enfants 0-9 produit

Our wellness tips

In addition to these natural remedies, here are a few tips to help you avoid the disruptions of Daylight Saving Time:

– Gradually move up the bedtime during the entire week prior to the time change.

Spend some time outside, the day before the time change.

– D-day, avoid sleeping-in and enjoy the natural sunlight to help your biological clock recover;

– The days before the time change, and the following ones, pay particular attention to anything that can disturb sleep (alcohol, caffeine, heavy meals, and screens before bedtime …);

– If necessary, take a nap in the middle of the day (no more than 20 minutes).


By following these simple tips and incorporating our Homeocan remedies to your routine, your body can avoid the harmful effects of the time change and keep fit, all naturally!

Did you like this article?

Did you like this article?

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