Tinnitus: a widespread issue that can be relieved with homeopathy

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le 22 Feb 2023

Did you know that a large proportion of the population suffer from tinnitus? In Canada, 37% of people interviewed report having experienced at least one episode of tinnitus in the previous year. But what is tinnitus and why does it affect so many people in their daily lives?

The popular belief is that tinnitus is impossible to cure. Even though this issue cannot be completely eradicated, several methods and products can help relieve its undesirable effects.

Two different types of tinnitus: multiple causes

Perceiving a sound in the absence of an auditory stimulus is what is commonly called tinnitus. Buzzing, ringing, purring or whistling, tinnitus can manifest itself differently from a person to another.

Subjective tinnitus

Subjective tinnitus is due to an abnormal activity of the auditory cortex which creates noises that only the person can hear. This issue has many causes, such as ear trauma caused by a very loud noise, infection, or dysfunction of the Eustachian tube.

Objective tinnitus

Rarer still, objective tinnitus is brought on by noises caused by the structures surrounding the ear. Among other sources, dural arteriovenous malformations are the most common.

Lots of different side effects

When occasional and short-lived, the side effects of tinnitus are minimal for the person who hears it. However, if you notice a ringing or wheezing in your ears, we suggest talking to your doctor right away.

When long-lasting, constant and affecting both ears, the impact of tinnitus on our general health and well-being can be more serious. For some people, the symptoms can become painful enough to affect their sleep, create anxiety or even cause depression.

Who’s at risk of developing tinnitus?

Subjective tinnitus has four main causes:

Loud noises

People who go to a lot of concerts or stand close to speakers will probably hear intermittent whistles, even a few years later.


Hearing loss is normal in aging people and is often associated with tinnitus. In age groups of 65+, 1 in 4 people will experience significant hearing loss, which is the main cause of tinnitus.

Meniere’s disease

At any age, tinnitus can be caused by Meniere’s disease, an inner ear disorder that also causes dizziness and hearing loss. According to studies in Europe and North America, this disease will affect between 1/1,000 and 1/10,000 people.


Some medications called ototoxic can have negative effects on the ears. For example, aspirin and antibiotics or other medications for hypertension and kidney failure, as well as some chemotherapy substances.

In these cases, tinnitus usually begins at the same time these medications are taken, although symptoms may also sometimes appear months after. As soon as the link between tinnitus and a medication is established, it’s important to react quickly to decrease the symptoms.

If any of these situations arise, we recommend you check with a healthcare professional.

How to diminish and relieve symptoms of tinnitus?

In most cases, Tinnitus cannot be cured completely. However, the symptoms can decrease greatly when treated appropriately. Some natural products and techniques are very efficient in managing the intensity of the symptoms.

Two natural products

Formulated specifically to relieve the symptoms associated with these noises, our Tinnitus Pellets are the perfect complement to a traditional medical treatment. With their convenient format, you can carry them with you everywhere for instant relief.

These pellets are not addictive and should be taken outside meals. We recommend melting 3 to 5 under the tongue, two to three times a day. When you feel like your symptoms have improved, the frequency of intake can be reduced.

Our Real Relief Tinnitus tablets contain ingredients quite similar to our pellets, so choosing this product thus depends mainly on your size preference. This homeopathic complex offers 60 chewable tablets, which should be taken three times a day and outside meals. They help relieve symptoms of tinnitus, but also pain and swelling in the ears.

Medical methods

When a medication is the cause of tinnitus, consulting your health professional right away can correct the issue. If tinnitus is related to deafness, a hearing aid is likely to help improve the symptoms. For half of the patients, hearing correction helps relieve tinnitus.

In addition, stress and stimulants such as caffeine can worsen the symptoms of tinnitus, which is why relaxation methods like yoga can help reduce them. Listening to white noise can also help mask the symptoms of tinnitus.

Complementary approaches to traditional medicine such as osteopathy and homeopathy can be beneficial for people suffering from tinnitus.

Many will experience the undesirable effects of tinnitus during their lifetime. If you ever experience severe discomfort, we suggest visiting a specialized clinic that offers comprehensive tinnitus management programs. When in doubt, always reach out to a health professional.

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