Traumacare: gel or cream, which formula to choose?

Posté par Geneviève Côté
le 13 Jun 2017

Our Traumacare line comes in different formats but did you know which one is best for your symptoms?

Today, we are particularly interested in the following question: which formula to choose between Traumacare Cream and Sport Traumacare Gel? This article will help you understand and choose the product that best suits your needs.

Traumacare Sport Gel

Made from a gelatinous substance, transparent.  It is neither a solid nor a liquid, but something in between. In fact, it is closer to the liquid but acts as a solid due to the presence of certain molecules in its composition.
A gel can be made of several different substances, just add thickening agents and water. We find gels in beauty and medical products: they are everywhere!

Traumacare Cream (50g or 100g)

Most creams have a water base. Thickening agents are used to give it a smoother appearance. Creams are thicker and take time to be absorbed by the skin.

Sport Gel vs Cream

  • A gel is transparent.  Creams are normally white
  • Skin absorbs gels more quickly than creams.
  • For hairy parts of the body it is best to use gels for an easier application.
  • Our gel and cream are water based.  Both are not oily.
  • Our gel contains alcohol which causes a cooling effect. But it can also cause a slight dryness of the skin in the treated area. If you have dry skin better to use cream rather than gel.
  • For parts of the body that are difficult to reach (back, etc.), the cream will be easier to apply, being thicker than the gel.

As you can see, both the cream and the gel have their benefits, and both are just as effective as the other. It all depends on the treated area.

Why not have a tube of Traumacare Sport Gel and another of Traumacare Cream handy so you are ready for any situation?

Did you like this article?

Did you like this article?

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