Understanding and treating burnout or career exhaustion

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le 11 Nov 2019

According to a study conducted in Canada in April of 2019, 40% of Quebecers say they have been affected by a burnout, or career exhaustion. The average for the whole country goes up to 57%! But what is a burnout, sometimes called the “pain of the century”? How to recognize it? How to treat it? We will discuss it in this article.

What is burnout or career exhaustion?

We hear this word more and more: burnout, or career exhaustion?  This phenomenon, inevitably linked to the work palace, is not considered a medical condition by the WHO.

A burnout happens when a person cannot handle their career life any longer, and this has a negative impact on all aspects of their daily life.  It is not a mental illness, but a state linked to a deterioration of their relation towards their employment.

The medical definition of a burnout is not yet very precise; health professionals agree that career exhaustion is syndrome with clear symptoms:

  • Feeling of exhaustion or lack of energy, unsolved by the usual holidays
  • Loss of professional efficiency

Other symptoms that appear to people going through a burnout are: fatigue, digestive disorders, irritability, anxiety, stress, difficulty concentrating, and sometimes even suicidal thoughts.

Causes of a burnout

Career exhaustion can affect anyone, whatever the profession or the level of responsibilities within a company. 

However, it seems that people humanely involved in their jobs (social workers, health professionals, teachers…) and people subject to emotional instability are victims of burnouts.

Many factors can lead to career exhaustion:

  • over worked
  • feelings of insecurity
  • pressure to work more hours or faster
  • insufficient means to work properly
  • little or no appreciation, no rewards
  • unclear objectives, unreachable goals

Make a diagnosis

Since career exhaustion is not recognized as an illness, its diagnosis relies only on the symptoms. However, its impact on the daily lives of the people concerned is undeniable!

If you experience any of the above mentioned symptoms, it is essential that you consult a health professional to find help. Burnouts can be overcome, but do not let it settle into your life.

How to fight a burnout?

It is imperative to seek help and be followed by a health professional as soon as the first signs of a burnout appear, natural solutions can equally be very helpful.

Among the natural solutions that can help you feel better and alleviate the symptoms of career exhaustion, there is:

Meditation and yoga: reserve yourself moments of relaxation, helps chase away dark moods.

Homeopathy: D-Stress tablets contains natural homeopathic ingredients, helps alleviate stress, irritability, anxiety and fatigue, without any risk of dependency.

Expose yourself to the sun:  natural light plays a big role in regulating stress and sleep, by regulating production of certain hormones.

Bach Flowers: these remedies are excellent for situations of emotional urgency; a small bottle always handy can make a big difference!

Soft music: just like meditation, music helps clear your head; it is very helpful in stressful situations, especially to promote sleep.

Essential oils: some Essential Oils are known for their anti-stress benefits.  Lavender, sweet orange, rosemary…Pour them in your bath to enjoy a moment of relaxation.

They can also be used during a massage, for that we have Essencia Calming Massage Oil.  This oil will help you pamper your body while soothing your mind naturally.

A burnout is a syndrome that should not be taken lightly. By treating the causes and symptoms on time, it is very possible to get rid of this situation. These natural solutions, and with the help of a healthcare professional, you will be back in top shape, psychologically and physically.

Did you like this article?

Did you like this article?

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