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le 18 Jul 2018

Summer, sun, heat … and sweat! While sweating is a completely normal phenomenon, many of us want to avoid the unpleasant odors that can be associated with it. And for that, we usually all have the same morning reflex: the pit stick! Let’s make this step of everyday life healthier, it’s high time to go for a natural deodorant… We explain why and how.

Why do we sweat?

Sweating is a natural and vital phenomenon. When we sweat, our sweat glands secrete a liquid composed of water, lactate and minerals. These glands are spread over the entire body but are
concentrated mainly in the armpits, hand palms and feet. It is in these areas that we evacuate the most sweat.

Sweating is essential, it is the process that allows our body to regulate its temperature. In fact, when our internal temperature rises, following heat or physical exertion for example, our body starts to produce sweat which, by evaporating, reduces the internal temperature of our body. Sweat is also a way to eliminate toxins and excess liquids stored in our body. You now understand, sweat is essential!

Why opt for a 100% natural deodorant?

In the market of conventional deodorants, it is necessary to differentiate between “deodorant”; and “antiperspirant”; products. While deodorants only prevent sweat-related odors, antiperspirants block the sweat process altogether by preventing the sweat glands from producing sweat. However, as you now know, perspiration plays an essential role to the proper functioning of our body, so it is not recommended to opt for an antiperspirant!

A natural deodorant is, as its name suggests, a deodorant and not an antiperspirant. It helps to avoid unpleasant odors by acting against the bacteria on the surface of our skin that are responsible for them. While preventing odours, deodorants respect the important natural functions of our body. This is not the only reason to choose a natural deodorant like Deodoroche:

Its composition is simple and natural.
No aluminum chlorides, free of chemical substances and aggressive perfumes and preservatives, all suspected of causing certain diseases!

It does not contain alcohol.
Most conventional deodorants contain alcohol, which is used to make the product dry faster. However, alcohol can irritate the skin and disrupt its natural pH.

This natural deodorant is suitable for all skin types and is hypoallergenicand it provides protection against odors while letting the skin naturally sweat.

Deodoroche, the 100% natural solution!

Remember that, to choose a natural deodorant, you must carefully check the list of ingredients to make sure it is 100% natural! This is the case for Homeocan’s Deodoroche Stick and Deodoroche Spray, composed exclusively of crystallized mineral salts. They are suitable for all skin types and provides anti-odor protection for 24 hours.

Deodoroche Stick slides on the skin and leaves an invisible film that protects from the bacteria responsible for bad odors. It can also be used as aftershave to prevent irritation. Use tip: Moisten the stick before applying it to a clean, dry armpit.

Deodoroche Spray is perfect for application on all areas affected by perspiration, such as armpits of course, but also the feet or hands. Effective, low price and 100% natural, the Deodoroche range of products should quickly find their place in your bathroom to become part your daily natural routine!

*The alum stone contains aluminum sulphate. On damaged skin, it can irritate your skin.

Sources: (1) Study publish in International Journal of Cancer (2016)

Did you like this article?

Did you like this article?

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