Aromatherapy: what if you created your own beauty and health care?

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le 05 Dec 2018

We all want to have natural care products that are adapted to our type of skin, safe effective and affordable … These are some of the reasons that lead us to ask the question: why not make your own beauty and health care products?

Aromatherapy is a perfect therapeutic approach that is easily used in DIY products. Thanks to the virtues of Essential Oils and other natural ingredients, it is easy to create the beauty & health care products that can act in depth and heal or take care of your body naturally. With the same oils or ingredients, it is possible to manufacture care products with different properties, benefits and applications. The delicious smells of the aromatic extracts of plants will also perfume the preparations.

Body care creams, pain relief products, relaxation roll-on… Making your beauty & health care products is ideal for those of us concerned with healing naturally. It’s a fun thing to do and with the extra time we may have when the weather is not so great, and with the holiday season why not use some quality time to make quality products to take care of yourself and your loved ones.

In this article, you will find Essencia’s DIY Kits, with 3 simple recipes designed by our aromatherapists.

Do It Yourself Kit by Essencia

3 Elegant Essencia DIY Kits, the line of high-quality Aromatherapy by Homeocan. Each of them contain of all the elements needed for the preparation of beauty & health care home preparations. These are designed to provide you with quality materials to help you satisfy different needs. There is also a recipe book, a small guide to help you create fantastic beauty and care products customized to your needs (available only with the purchase of a kit).

Do It Yourself Kit, for the creation of creams and ointments

Consisting of 4 jars (can hold 30g of lotion) and 4 airtight lids. Strong and safe jars. Ideal for home.

Price: $ 9.99

Do It Yourself Kit, for use in roll-ons

Composed of 4 roll-ons (can contain 3ml of liquid), 4 roller balls, 1 pipette and 4 hermetic caps. Practical and discreet roll-on. You can take everywhere with you.

Price: $ 9.99

Do It Yourself Kit, for use in sprays

Composed of 4 bottles (which can contain 30ml), 4 sprays, 1 funnel, 4 caps. Beautiful bottles to keep everything ready. 

Price: $ 9.99

All containers are made of glass and are reusable. This is one of the arguments for making your own care products. You only need to buy the kit once and you can get the Essential Oils & natural ingredients as needed. An easy way to give Mother Nature the respect she deserves while making great natural products.

Essential Beauty and Health Care Recipes

Now that you know all the great advantages you are ready to get started to manufacture your own beauty & health care products. Homeocan, offers 3 simple and easy recipes for 3 essential products. Make & add them to your winter beauty and health care routine.

Recipe 1: A cream to repair your skin

Winter has slowly settled in, and your skin is more exposed to cold and dry air. Because it dries faster, protecting and hydrating it regularly is recommended to keep it healthy. Protect the exposed or dry parts of your body with a restorative cream that uses the virtues of nature.

Essential oil:
– 12 drops of Pure Lavender Essential Oil

Natural Ingredients:
– 2 tablespoon of Organic Shea Butter (available soon in our e-shop)
– 1 1/2 teaspoon of Organic Coconut Vegetable Oil
– 1 1/2 teaspoon of Organic Borage Vegetable Oil
-1 1/2 teaspoon of Organic Sweet Almond Vegetable Oil

– In a bain-marie, melt the shea butter
– Mix Vegetable Oils and Essential Oils
– Use a whisk or fork to blend until a smooth, even texture is achieved
– Pour the mixture into the 30 ml jar and close
– Let everything cool in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour
– For best preservation, place the cream in the refrigerator at all times

Using tips:
– Make sure you have clean and dry skin
– Apply on the body parts while massaging in a large and slow way

Recipe 2: Roll-on for a relaxed sleep

Seasonal changes, mental fatigue, stress … all known for disturbing the sleep cycle. It is important to sleep enough but also having quality sleep is important. Let your body and your mind relax with this little roll-on and the relaxing virtues of Lavender and Sweet Orange.

Essential Oils:
– 5 drops of Pure Lavender Essential Oil
– 3 drops  of Pure Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Natural Ingredients:
– 1 Vegetable Oil of your choice

– Remove the roll-on ball from the bottle
– Measure Essential Oils or Fragrances into empty bottle
– Use the eyedropper to fill the bottle with enough Vegetable Oil to reach the shoulder of bottle
– Place back the roll-on ball and lid, shake the bottle gently until content is weel blended

Using tips:
– Make sure you have clean and dry skin.
– Apply 2 or 3 swipes to pulse points on body. Reapply as needed.

Recipe 3: For relaxation & the mind

Long days, lack of light, heavy workload … At the end of the day, your mind can be overwhelmed and overworked, and your muscles can have trouble relaxing naturally. Take the time to relax your body with the soothing virtues of Lavender, Sweet Orange and Ylang-Ylang.

Essential oils:
– 7 drops of Pure Lavender Essential Oil
– 6 drops  of Pure Sweet Orange Essential Oil
– 4 drops of Pure Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil

Natural Ingredients:
– 2 drops of Emulcia emulsifier
– Mineral water

– Cleanse and rince the bottle before using
– Measure the Essential Oils or Fragrances in the empty bottle
– Add the number of drops of Emulcia indicated to solubilize the oils
– Use the funnel to fill the bottle with enough water or vegetable oil to reach the shoulder of the bottle
– Screw in the cap and pump, shake the bottle gently until the content is well mixed

Using tips:
– Spray the content according to the recommendations
– For better preservation, place the mist in the fridge at all times

Your body deserves the best so to take care of it, take Essencia products, your natural line of Aromatherapy.

Essential Oils & Ingredients, how to use them safely? To use Essencia Essential Oils and other natural ingredients safely, it is important to know these recommendations: For external use only, do not use orally. / Do not use in internally without the advice of a doctor or a professional Aromatherapy. / Avoid contact with eyes and mucous. If necessary, rinse thoroughly with Vegetable Oil. / NEVER pour Essential Oil directly into the bath or onto the skin, for risk of severe burns. / Keep out of reach of children. / Essential Oils are not recommended for children under 10 years. / Avoid use during pregnancy

The information on the use of Essential Oils and Vegetable Oils in Aromatherapy, as mentioned here, comes from bibliographic works published by health professionals. It is issued for informational purposes only and can not in any way substitute for advice or presciptions issued by a doctor. Only a doctor is authorized to deliver the therapeutic treatment that will be most appropriate for you. Homeocan declines any responsibility in case of accident or injury suffered by anyone who practices self-medication on the basis of the information contained in this article.

Did you like this article?

Did you like this article?

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