What is Gemmotherapy?

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le 25 Feb 2019

Interview with Ludmyla Koel, expert in Gemmotherapy, Homeopath for 20 years and representative at Homeocan Inc.

Homeocan: Can you explain in a few words what is Gemmotherapy?

Ludmyla Koel: Gemmotherapy is an Embrio-Phytotherapy that utilizes fresh embryonic parts of plants.

Why embryonic? They are very energetically potent. Much more than tinctures that are made from mature plants.

One more thing to remember, tinctures can be made from fresh plants according to French Pharmacopea or dry plants (German Pharmacopea). Gemmo’s are made only from fresh developing parts of a plant (buds, shoots, roots). which makes them much more active and energetically potent.

Gemmotherapy was discovered and developed by Dr. P. Henry (Belgium) and Dr. M. Tetau (France) in 1950.

Homeocan: How Gemmotherapy remedies are prepared?

Ludmyla Koel: To make Gemmo preparation only fresh embryonic parts of the plants are used plus alcohol-water-glycerin solution. The process of maceration is the same as for tinctures.

All Gemmo’s are prepared in 1DH.

Homeocan’s Gemmo’s come in different sizes: 30ml, 60ml, 100ml, 250 ml and 500 ml. The standard size is 100 ml but other quantities are available on demand. It is very convenient since some Gemmo’s are used for a short period of time (Citrus limonium) and some for much longer (Crataegus oxycanta).

Homeocan: What are the differences between Mother Tinctures and Gemmotherapy?

Ludmyla Koel:  There are a few but very important differences between Gemmo’s and tincture such as:



Water-alcohol-glycerin solution is used (all substances of the plant are extracted).

Water-alcohol solution is used for maceration (fat soluble substances are left behind).

Only fresh developing (embryonic) parts of the plant are used. They contain Gibberelins (plant hormons) which are not present in mature plants.

Water extracts: tannins, minerals, flavonoids (water soluble), some acids.

Alcohol extracts: alkaloids, heterosides, glycosides, some acids.

Alcohol extracts: alkaloids, heterosides, glycosides, some acids.

Glycerin extracts: phenols, essential oils, fat-soluble flavonoids, some acids, fat-soluble.

It is very unique. It can improve organs function, stimulate tissue regeneration, encourage detoxification by stimulating the emunctories (organs of elimination). Can be combined with other therapies such Oligotherapy, organotherapy etc.

Homeocan: How to take Gemmotherapy?

Ludmyla Koel: Should be taken before meals with some water. If somebody does not want to use alcohol, they can mix Gemmo with hot water, stirr it and let it sit till the alcohol evaporates.

Homeocan: How long should one take Gemmotherapy?

Ludmyla Koel: It depends on a patients, patient’s conditions and the Gemmo itself. Usually it is from a few weeks (acute conditions) to a few month ( chronic conditions).

Dosage: from 5 drops to 50-75 and even 100 drops. Again, recommendation should be based on patient’s age, condition and the Gemmo itself.  Lower doses may be needed while addressing a person with digestive or skin condition or a very sensitive individual. It is always better to start with smaller dose and gradually increase.

For convenience, please, remember 50 drops =  1/2 teaspoon.

Homeocan: Are there any contraindications when you take Gemmotherapy?

Ludmyla Koel:  Yes, there are a few contraindications when using Gemmo’s such as:

Allergies to a plant from which Gemmo is made
– Allergies to alcohol or glycerin
– Pregnancy and breastfeeding
– Diabetes (conditional contraindication)
– Certain health conditions

Always consult your health care practitioner before using Gemmotherapy.  Do not self-prescribe.

Photo credit: By Andrea Reiman, Unsplash

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Did you like this article?


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