What is gluten?

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le 23 May 2019

We hear a lot about gluten and its harmful effects on our bodies. But do you really know what gluten is and how it affects your body? Check out the answers in this article.

What is gluten and what are its effects on our body?

Gluten is a protein found in many cereals, consisting of prolamin and glutelin. It is found in oats, wheat, spelt, kamut and barley. Gluten is therefore very common in everyday products, whether in cereals, their derivatives (bread, pasta …), but also in beer, breaded foods or medicines, for example.

In recent years, however, many people are experiencing gluten-related disorders, from simple sensitivity to severe intolerance. According to the Canadian Digestive Health Foundation, approximately 2.4 million Canadians would be affected!

However, all these ills do not have the same impact. We can classify gluten-related disorders into 3 categories:

Hypersensitivity to gluten

The symptoms of gluten hypersensitivity are very unpleasant, but usually rather brief and without serious consequences. Among the most common symptoms are digestive disorders (diarrhea, constipation, bloating, etc.), cramps, fatigue and headaches. In these cases, removing gluten-containing cereals from the diet usually solves the problem.

Celiac disease (gluten intolerance)

According to the Canadian government, about 1% of Canadians would be affected by this disease. This disease is autoimmune, that is, it results from a disruption of the immune system. The patient’s body recognizes gluten as a dangerous protein and makes antibodies to eliminate it. However, these antibodies gradually destroy the intestinal wall, leading to malabsorption of nutrients, and therefore significant deficiencies.

The symptoms are numerous and vary according to the people affected: intestinal disorders, weight loss, cramps, fatigue, bone pain, numbness … In these cases, a total suppression of gluten is necessary as well as all foods containing traces of gluten or that may have been contaminated during preparation.

Allergy to gluten

Finally, allergy to gluten is a food allergy that can be triggered at any time and is manifested by edema and rashes. As for other food allergies, it is necessary to completely remove gluten from the diet.

Living without gluten

Whether you’re sensitive to gluten or intolerant, you need to monitor its presence in all the products you eat. It is for this reason that at Homeocan, we thought about you by developing gluten-free remedies!

Every day, we work to offer you more gluten-free remedies for every member of your family, so everyone can enjoy natural and effective care.

Among our gluten-free remedies, 3 are particularly adapted to the minor, common ailments of everyday life:

  • Kids 0-9 Cough & Cold Herbal Syrup: to relieve cough and cold symptoms in children from 0 to 12 years of age.
  • Maxiforce: to regain your energy and help fight infections, naturally and effectively.
  • Pellet combination remedies: 31 gluten-free remedies presented in pellet form, for relief of every day discomforts (allergies, indigestion, pain, skin problems, etc.)

With Homeocan’s gluten-free remedies, you can take care of yourself and your entire family, naturally, simply and efficiently.

Did you like this article?

Did you like this article?

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