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Organ supports

Preserve your health capital?

The organs, the main engines of the body's functioning, are essential to our health since they allow us to stay alive. It is important to take care of the proper maintenance of your organs and keep them functioning efficiently. Discover the selection of natural products to promote circulation and help preserve the proper functioning of the body's draining functions.

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  1. No.1 Calcarea Fluorica: Homeopathic Remedy
  2. No.13 Diamite | Schussler Tissue Salts
  3. No.3 Calcarea Sulfurica | Schussler Tissue Salts
  4. Chromium 100 ml | Oligocan
  5. Iodine 100 ml | Oligocan
  6. Manganese 100 ml | Oligocan
  7. Prosta-Health | Combination Pellets 4 g
  8. Calcium 100 ml | Oligocan
  9. Potassium 100 ml | Oligocan
  10. Vaccinium Myrtillus 60 ml Organic | Gemmo Professional
  11. Sanguinaria Canadensis | Granules Unitaires
  12. Symphytum Officinale | Homeocan Lab